By inpain - 17/03/2016 04:56 - United States - San Francisco

Today, in my self-defense class, we did an attack simulation. As I began to hit my attacker, my fist hit the top of his helmet, dislocating my shoulder. I then spent the next hour in the ER sobbing until it was popped back in. I need to learn to defend myself against myself. FML
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Here's what my self-defense coach taught my class: Any minor injury you receive in self-defense is much better than a major injury, or even death, from not defending yourself. In reality you probably would have knocked out your attacker, or at least disoriented them enough to get away. You dislocated your shoulder, but you got away alive, right? It's not very likely you'll ever escape an attack completely unharmed, so don't sweat it. Yeah it sucked that it happened in class, but you know what you need to do.

It took an hour just to pop your shoulder back in?


Cheer up OP! It could have been a lot worse. Feel better soon!

Ouch OP! At least now you know you're a hard hitter!

It took an hour just to pop your shoulder back in?

Probably not. Probably accounting for waiting time.

I'm guessing it's the wait in the ER that took up most of the hour

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I believe for liability issues they have to do X-rays first to rule out any fractures or obstructions before popping bones back in.

That makes sense. Personally, I'd be afraid to leave it untreated so long for fear of prolonging the pain and worsening the damage. Athletes can usually get away with doing it immediately, but I can see how a self-defense class mishap would require a more careful evaluation.

#3 That's what I was thinking as well! My shoulder has been dislocated on I think 6 occassions over the past 4 years, and I've always managed to pop it back myself within 5 minutes.

Same. My mom taught me the old; "extend arm, turn counter-clockwise" trick. Always popped in within 5 minutes or so

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If you hit so hard you dislocated your shoulder, does that make you weak or strong?

They could have eds. In that case, it is simply in their genes. This would probably happen to me, but i dislocate my ankle stepping off a curb.

Ways to prevent dislocating the shoulder is working and exercising the shoulder muscle. It just means you have weak shoulders.

Seems like your luck ran out...or popped out.

Lol sorry op. I found this funnier than I should have.

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Must've been a pretty hard hit

It actually can be seen that your punch was so strong it dislocated a shoulder!... albeit yours but still!