Do you even lift, bro?

By Anonymous - 11/08/2013 04:24 - United States

Today, while working out in the gym, I spotted a very attractive girl. I decided to pick up the heaviest dumbbell to show off how much I could curl. She ended up driving me to the hospital because I burst into tears after tearing up my bicep and deltoid. FML
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There are other ways to impress a girl than picking up some heavy weights, which you can't.

lenamartinovic 13

At least you got a chance to spend time with her, even though you made a fool out of yourself!


if you're gonna do it at least spell it right *numero

it's not about how fast you comment, it's about how you do it.

People who say "first comment" are just annoying

There are other ways to impress a girl than picking up some heavy weights, which you can't.

I find it so odd how males think strength is so attractive lmao.

Yes, I would think she would be more impressed by stamina rather than a quick jerk and thrust.

I know right? I've never seen a guy lift anything particularly heavy and say "Wow, I want that". Especially at the gym. Guys can do whatever they want to make them feel more attractive, but know that girls very rarely care about how much you bench press or anything like that.

maybe you don't care about that, but I know a lot of girls who are impressed by a guy that can lift a lot of weight.

bandeek 30

As long as they can lift me I'm happy.

Right. If my years on this planet have taught me anything, it's that women are mainly impressed by humour. And penis size.

You don't get our attention by lifting heavy weights, unless you of course hurt yourself in the process. Maybe next time open the door for a good looking girl, and smile OP. Chin up though, at least she was kind enough to drive you to the hospital !

You forgot to mention those juicy, meaty, glistening bank accounts. A lot of girls get all wet and wild over them.

You do realise that not all men think like this, right?

Well it's a good thing you're funny then isn't is Doc? (;

Kn0wledge123 21

OP might live in one of those cities where a lot of girls talk about juice heads like they're Greek gods. Be that as if may, I found even women who have physical "standards" or preferences would drop them like a bad habit for a guy who connects with them in other ways. I've seen and experienced it. He just should've went up and used his words like a normal person instead of trying to be Popeye.

Doc, sometimes it is the penis size that is humorous.

I hope she stats around through the surgery and recovery, if that was what OP was hoping for...

But op has already won the war of she's willing to drive him to the hospital. If there wasn't any attraction she just would have called the gym staff to get help.

62, if he wanted to try to be like Popeye, then he should have just ate some Spinach!

MaydayParadexx 18

Am I the only one who finds it a little strange that a complete stranger drove him to the hospital?

Another thing females couldn't care less about...Dick size

therealafroninga 10

Honestly, alot of women prefer a man in shape, to one that's not. Some guys just blow that out of proportion. My ex loved that I could carry her, and all of her stuff lol.

@39 He needs to ignore the part about opening the door if he's in places like New York. He'd get slapped.

lenamartinovic 13

At least you got a chance to spend time with her, even though you made a fool out of yourself!

I mean, she drove him there right? It'd be a pretty funny story to tell your kids.

K410 18

Well in most cases its the journey that matters not the end result, but in this case screw the means its where it lead you that matters.

He can tell her that he's really ripped!

Very smooth OP... Way to keep her around and find out if she's a keeper or not...

Lost the battle (dumbell kicked your ass), but you won the war (got the chick).

But still op turned out to be an idiot!

aleahlioness 15

At least you got to spend some quality time together. :)

Shouldn't have pushed yourself to impress a chick bro. Next time be more careful.

Why didn't you just talk to her -,- its easier and you won't tear anything

Unless she's in a pissy mood. She will tear a new one for you

We aren't birds, we're not impressed by the biggest or the brightest man. Just come say hi and be nice, and if the chemistry is right, it'll happen.

BradTheBrony 19

So you're saying you'd date a dipshit who couldn't figure out the zipper on his pants if he was nice to you? (Yes, I understand what you meant by "bright." I just like ******** on people's dreams.)

So basically you're just admitting you're a troll, 41.

ViRepz 28

Lots of birds do love shiny things tho.

are you (girls) impressed by interesting comments?