By sara - United States
Today, during gym class, my teacher insisted that everyone should relieve some stress by throwing a basketball at the wall. I wound up and hurled the thing at the wall, it bounced back and hit me in the stomach. I began to vomit uncontrollably. Even my teacher laughed. FML
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By  glassisass  |  0

thats really funny. but it does sound like a PE teacher. anyway it was your fault that happened. you shouldn't have thrown it so hard at the wall. or you could have but you should have been farther away. anyway it kinda sucks. not the getting hit part but the throwing up part.

By  portable_retard  |  0

Uhmm.. alright then. Freshman year the gym teacher put duct tape all over my head thinking he was being funny. I couldn't get it off. I had to walk through the caf full of people so someone could help me. I must say... Throwing up in yo gym class while TRYING to RELIEVE stress.. I'd punch dat bitch in da face.

By  iFail12  |  0

ouch. that sucks, Hun. Something like that happened to my friend a few days ago. But we were playing Volley ball, and the person who hit him spiked the ball straight at him.

  iFail12  |  0

Oh, forgot to mention that he did puke. He was right about to urn into the guys locker room, when he did puke. So the guys had to dress out late, due to needing to clean up the puke. Again, I feel so bad for you, Hun! I would want to hurl that basketball at him, if I were you.