By fuckshit - 04/11/2014 14:01

Today, I witnessed a hit-and-run. I used my phone to write down the license plate for the police. However, I didn't notice that my phone had autocorrected the number. FML
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IPhone supports hit and runs confirmed. FYL

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IPhone supports hit and runs confirmed. FYL

Aren't you tired of autocorrects "shirt" (shit)

Seriously autocorrect, get your ducking shit together.

Weeeeeeell, iPhones don't correct numbers or symbols, so...

Lol my most recent auto correct was, "I want to go back to PUBERTY." Well texting my boss the word Pinery.

Ducking he'll, auto correct. That's some serious shirt right there.

I didn't know you could auto correct numbers like if you type 42 what's it gonna change it to?

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God damn cumguzzling gutter **** phone! ...sorry auto correct changed it from stupid phone.

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yeah, autocorrect is so ducking stupid

Autocorrect ruining lives since 2006

You can shake the phone and "undo" will pop up :D

mif_fml 27

Yes, it erases the whole word. However, after it auto corrects you can click on the word to change it back to what you originally wrote. This of course on an iPhone, though the post doesn't specify which phone.

on my phone, you just hit the back space button arrow. I have an android tho

You can do this on Galaxy too. If I autocorrects, just hit the backspace one time and the word you put there to begin with will pop up. #23

@3 I can only get undo to come up when I don't want it, when I do it never works when I shake :( lol

iOS 8 now gives you the original word in its list of suggestions.

Yes because iPhones are pieces of shit in every ******* way, shape and form. I always had one, for about 6 years. And they always broke down, mechanically or physically. This is why I switched to the HTC one m8. Amazing phone, apps, and service. **** Apple and their bullshit, fake, brainwashing propaganda!!! GahhhHHHHHH

Cut the shit. Stop trying to start a phone war.

Tbh doesn't every phone end up breaking mechanically or physically eventually?

expertsmilee 26

I just want autocorrect to go to he'll

Stupid ******* autocorrect never auto corrected it !!!

Stupid asshole autocorrect! How the hell can it autocorrect numbers? It usually corrects words, sentences, hours, dates (etc)

Dear autocorrect, never in my life have I meant ducking. Yours sincerely, Every ducking body


That's what pen or any other writing utensil and your hand or arm is for

I don't think that anyone has a piece of paper and a pen with them EVERYWHERE. Op's phone was probably with him at that moment, so he just used it..

Funny I have a pen and paper everywhere I go. Or at least a pen and some business cards I can use as paper. Then again I grew up before the complete reliance on cell phones began.

Eh, I always have a pencil case. But then I carry a lot of pointless stuff round with me...the joys of being a girl with a big ass handbag.

41 - what, do you go around with a purse?

Why not take a picture? Wouldn't that be faster? :o

Not by the time they've opened the camera. The car would be long gone.

I think it takes more time to unlock a phone and find place to record the number plate takes more time though? I'm not sure depending on the phone. Some phone opens camera really fast.

You can open the camera from your lock screen in iphones #22

gemstone586 12

Maybe they just remembered the # and wrote it down...

You can get to the camera from your lock screen on all smart phones can't you?

wouldnt it be harder to get an accurate picture as its driving off?

On my phone (iPhone) you Judy swipe up the bottom right corner of the lock screen and than you can take photos. F

Anyone that hits and runs is a jerk. I hope they find that asshole. Way to try and do a good thing op.

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Wait, the iPhone autocorrects numbers?

Usually license plates are combination of letters and numbers here.

giantsfan2010 23

Exactly, when you mix numbers and letters the iPhone isn't supposed to do anything. I just tried typing in my license plate and nothing happened. Weird.

Sir I apologize. You are correct I've spent way too long trying this now. I couldn't find a single combination . Maybe it was all letters ? Custom plate? But that would leave me believe it's be easily remembered .

giantsfan2010 23

Exactly haha, maybe it's a custom plate or made up fml but either way something is kinda weird about it. No need to apologize

TanzWolf 26

I type one letter and it autocorrects to a different letter. So this is possible. And if OP had typed a similar number before(not saying they did), it would remember that number and think that that's what OP meant to type.