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  mif_fml  |  27

Yes, it erases the whole word. However, after it auto corrects you can click on the word to change it back to what you originally wrote. This of course on an iPhone, though the post doesn't specify which phone.


Yes because iPhones are pieces of shit in every fucking way, shape and form. I always had one, for about 6 years. And they always broke down, mechanically or physically. This is why I switched to the HTC one m8. Amazing phone, apps, and service. Fuck Apple and their bullshit, fake, brainwashing propaganda!!! GahhhHHHHHH

  junkman6  |  22

Funny I have a pen and paper everywhere I go. Or at least a pen and some business cards I can use as paper. Then again I grew up before the complete reliance on cell phones began.

  Haiitzmizzy  |  18

I think it takes more time to unlock a phone and find place to record the number plate takes more time though? I'm not sure depending on the phone. Some phone opens camera really fast.

  devildog562  |  33

Sir I apologize. You are correct I've spent way too long trying this now. I couldn't find a single combination . Maybe it was all letters ? Custom plate? But that would leave me believe it's be easily remembered .

  TanzWolf  |  26

I type one letter and it autocorrects to a different letter. So this is possible.

And if OP had typed a similar number before(not saying they did), it would remember that number and think that that's what OP meant to type.