By Awkwardly_dumped

You got mail

Today, I was making out with my boyfriend. When we took a break and went downstairs, he checked the mail. He had received a letter from his ex-girlfriend, which he opened in front of me. He then began sobbing on my shoulder and broke up with me. He still had to drive me home. FML
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By  Imadumbass  |  16

Why did he have to drive you home? He broke up with you so clearly doesn't want to do that anymore. I am sorry about what happened. Your ex seems like a jerk

By  RichardPencil  |  30

A letter? Are you dating a caveman?

And why does he have to drive you home? You can always take an Uber. Oh, wait, you’re living in the olden days. Maybe you can send a telegram to the Pony Express and get a ride home with them, Wilma.

By  Davros  |  12

If he has to take a break from making out do you really want to bother going any farther? Sounds like his idea of The Big O is finding one in his Spaghetti O's.