By ugh - 20/06/2015 10:45 - United States - Tampa

Today, my boyfriend came to my work, at a drive thru, in my car, and then got mad at me because I wouldn't give him free food. In his anger, he put my car in reverse and backed out of line very quickly, only to smash into a paying customer. FML
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I hope your insurance covers him, and maybe you should break up with him


I hope your insurance covers him, and maybe you should break up with him

I second this. He seems like an immature little shit.

This is why I keep my keys on me and don't let idiots drive. He sounds like he's emotionally equivalent to a 13 year old girl. Let me guess OP, he has no job and you support him? Kick his ass to the curb. And then send him a bill.

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I disagree. He sounds emotionally equivalent to a young man.

I can't help but think if the roles where reversed and op was a guy and it was his gf your comment would be getting down voted

@57 would it really matter if the genders were swapped? They'd still be an immature twat. Stop trying to pull the gender card..

I think you should break up with your cheap boyfriend

What an overreaction over something this silly.

I agree with you, except this wasn't just a stupid thing OP's BF did. He was angry about something trivial which lead him to do something stupid. I'm not saying break up, but if that's how he responds to disappointment (over something as dumb as fast food no less) she might need to have a serious talk with him.

Or maybe he can handle really difficult life situations and he just struggles with simple things. Like food ,apparently you'd better not get between him and it.

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They're not married. It's not like people are saying "divorce". They should definitely break up.... He took her car, expected free food though it could cost her her job, then wrecked her car because he was angry. All good reasons to break up.

19- This guy got angry with his boy/girlfriend because they didn't break the rules of their job by giving him free food; then, in this trivial fit of rage, proceeded to crash into another person with a car that wasn't his. Breaking up with him immediately sounds like a healthy option to me.

#19, I have done stupid things but not as stupid and reckless as what OP's boyfriend did. If he got that mad because OP didn't give him free food, there is no telling how violent he could get if she makes him mad again. So yes, OP needs to break up with him for her own safety.

What's unhealthy is for her to keep dating someone who has no respect for her, her job, or her possessions. It's not like he just forgot her birthday or some little thing like that. Something like this definitely warrants a break-up.

Hopefully you have car insurance, and that it covers other people driving your car! Your boyfriend sounds very immature OP, make sure you hold him accountable for his stupidity