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  lilmissy1290  |  0

You deserve it for two reasons:

1. You let your kids play on your cell phone for way too long. Changing all of your contacts pictures takes a long time.

2. You don't know enough about modern technology, and are obviously not intelligent enough to either read the owner's manual or look online for how to change it back.

  goonie85  |  0

I'm pretty sure OP didn't deserve it but it's funny as shit and no one's life is fucked.

"LOL" at "my dad still uses a CD player." Haha, when I was growing up, we had cassettes! Whoa! Ancient!

  madarchod  |  0

66 - #5 tried to say multiple things at once and combined them in one sentence. I understood what he wants to say, it's just not gramatically correct.


You are obviously a pushover. If i did that my mom would MAKE me change it back, not that i would be bratty enough to do in that first place. Grow some balls and stop letting your kids walk all over you

  amazinggbaby  |  2


IQ tests were discontinued a long time ago because they weren't an accurate measure of intelligence. Maybe learn something about what your talking about before you judge another persons intelligence, and judging them through an fml? very accurate. And to everyone, it's a problem with most older people who aren't part if the technology savvy generation. OP doesn't deserve it

  lilmissy1290  |  0

73 IQ tests are still used today.. so get YOUR facts straight.. they just aren't the best and most accurate measure of intelligence.. but I agree with 59 stupid people should not reproduce

  TokioxxHotel  |  0

76- PA.

78- what would honestly make you think i'd get those as tattoos? plus, I've had other pictures with different things. only thing that's consistant was the stitches.

89- mine was fer a week. idk why.