By Momma - 19/06/2010 07:47 - France

Today, my kids thought it would be funny to put pictures of naked men and women as people's ID on my phone. They won't tell me how to change it back. FML
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just go to contacts, edit, click on the pic n change it

Heh heh. You've got to admit it's a pretty good prank... :P


just go to contacts, edit, click on the pic n change it

it's ur phone and how out of touch are you with modern technology and beat their ass anyone ever saw shawshank redemption

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yeah it's obvious! & you only deserve it if you were being a dick them

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my parents don't even know how to save contacts so they dot have any. :)

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My mom learned how to text, she was really proud, it was funny.

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Lol my parents can't work their phones at all, they suck at technology. :P My dad still uses a CD player.

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I sense good parenting(: Excellent work!

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how did they get naked pictures of men and women on ur phone??? o.0

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my parents can't text at all, :P my mom can type it, but the part where you press the "send" button escapes her. I've given up hope. :P

You deserve it for two reasons: 1. You let your kids play on your cell phone for way too long. Changing all of your contacts pictures takes a long time. 2. You don't know enough about modern technology, and are obviously not intelligent enough to either read the owner's manual or look online for how to change it back.

9-haha I was thinking the same thing

hang up pictures of fat ugly men on their ceiling so they wake up to balls that look like moldy potatoes.

uhh how did they get the pictures.... that's my question

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MOLDY POTATOES !!!! Hahahahaha!!!! Sofaking hilarious!!!!!

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omg!! what happened to you tokio?? I haven't seen you for a while ^_^

I'm pretty sure OP didn't deserve it but it's funny as shit and no one's life is ******. "LOL" at "my dad still uses a CD player." Haha, when I was growing up, we had cassettes! Whoa! Ancient!

Sounds like a fun way to let people know what you're into. Phone imaging. Heh.

#30 you're* tokio I like the current picture much better than the previous.

YDI for reproducing with that low IQ of your's. I swear anyone who wants a kid should have to take an IQ test.

Google then save the pics. It's really not that complicated.

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Am I the only one who doesn't understand a word #5 was trying to say?

66 - #5 tried to say multiple things at once and combined them in one sentence. I understood what he wants to say, it's just not gramatically correct.

You are obviously a pushover. If i did that my mom would MAKE me change it back, not that i would be bratty enough to do in that first place. Grow some balls and stop letting your kids walk all over you

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my mom is just learning t9... t9 ftw!

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59 IQ tests were discontinued a long time ago because they weren't an accurate measure of intelligence. Maybe learn something about what your talking about before you judge another persons intelligence, and judging them through an fml? very accurate. And to everyone, it's a problem with most older people who aren't part if the technology savvy generation. OP doesn't deserve it

43- lolol. 51- haha thanks. :p 55- they banned me for a week. -.-" 58- thanks! I need a new one! I got a new piercing and got a hair cut! :D

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tokiohotel where are you from? JW

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Tokio, are those tattoos? if yes you are an idiot.

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70, t9 sucks. keyboards, ftw!!

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80- I meant like for numeric phones only lol. but for modern phones, qwerty keyboard ftw! lol

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ahaha what is 'ftw' anyways??

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pingpongpickle 8
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So you know how to post something on FML but you can't change your contacts pictures?

73 IQ tests are still used today.. so get YOUR facts straight.. they just aren't the best and most accurate measure of intelligence.. but I agree with 59 stupid people should not reproduce

76- PA. 78- what would honestly make you think i'd get those as tattoos? plus, I've had other pictures with different things. only thing that's consistant was the stitches. 89- mine was fer a week. idk why.

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well that's gay!! even FML is hating on you, tokio lolol XD

94- it's not hard to submit on a computer. iPhone contact pictures could be confusing to change if you didn't know what to do. your picture is amazing, btw.

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Wtf? What makes you think I helped them out? They happen to have friends who showed them how to text.

101- lolol yeah. XD I gotta get a new pic up though. the week I was gone, I changed a little. XD

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exactly wut I was thinking 18

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o gawg lmsao,yes, I agree with 5 u pull out tht big leather belt and beat their asses with the buckle

yeah, the same thing happened to Andy Duphrene

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There's something called the Internet these days. it's quite useful. I'm queffing. the OP is blonde.

so yea the comment messed up because of anti flood so I just kept typing things and that's were shawshank redemtion came from so does this mean no one has seen the movie

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how did you change, tokio?

tokio I always thought you were a boy. Oh well, you're still a weak willed emo ****** who can't handle reality and has no right to be in it.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with using a CD player. I still use one sometimes even though I have an iPod.

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131- and I bet your a fat piece of lard who hates on people like tokio cuz they get more action then you.. you shouldn't be talking cuz I bet your the ******! XD

get even and make them ex-lax cookies

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73 - Are you saying that because you score under 100? To be honest it depends what you define intelligence as...

Oh, and 131, the world would be far better without people like you in it.

lol...ydi for not knowing how to use your own phone.

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lol mi parentsbken bbm so thei bbm mi when i m in skool n ask how mi dai iz goin n f i dont reply the yell @ mi :"(

You shouldn't have a phone if your too damn stupid to know how to use it... read the manual? fool around with it? it's not that hard.

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Heh heh. You've got to admit it's a pretty good prank... :P

go back to using a landline! that or RTFM... that's "read the..." I think you can fill the rest.

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Ha Ha your kids are the shit! You suck OP for not knowing how to use a phone.