By Anonymous - 30/12/2010 15:37 - United States

Today, my mom thought it would be a good idea for me to talk with a British accent during my job interview to make me sound smarter. I'm applying for a job at McDonald's. FML
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'British is not a different language. you're a retard.

Did your mom suggest this while using a British accent to make her idiotic idea sound better?


Well, with the job market being what it is today, it's probably a good idea.

You're so lucky to have a mom who gives you such great advice.

3- And you're so lucky to be Voldemort.

and your so lucky to be in my underground society of pedophiles. the food is great :)

Ooh! you can bring a plate of fries to the interviewer

Bring a bag of Burger King.

Yuh Can Still Use The Accent c(=

The last letter in your name is a lie!

Would you like some chips with that mate? brilliant!

Some Brits do say mate. Though where I live, London, people are more likely to say "blud".

australian? noo english! we say mate all the time! alright mate or matey :)

#71... it's still english you dumbass

nah we say naccas

so speaking a different language automatically increases your IQ? interesting logic she's got there?

'British is not a different language. you're a retard.

I second that win.

she said accent not language you dumbfuck. Thme British speak English too which makes you even more retarded.

Insult someone and in the same sentence say "Them British." What.

ok ok I meant with an accent my bad I failed... * throws in the towel*

Just for the record, accents have a very large impact on how people perceive you! Studies in the UK have shown that people with an RP accent (Received Pronunciation, better known as The Queen's English) are believed to be more intelligent than someone with, say, a Scouse accent. Weird but true!

The most widely spoken language in the UK is English

I don't know if Ronald McDonald will like that...

Did your mom suggest this while using a British accent to make her idiotic idea sound better?

LMA(rse)O! Didn't make it sound intelligent at all but at least it's true.

It may be idiotic, but people are stupid and that stuff will probably work.

A lot of people at Mickey D's have different accents and/or speak different languages. I'd say use the accent to sound interesting, not smart.

super-size me!