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let's turn this fml into a sexism battle, who wants to begin? ok I will- the best part of a blowjob is the 10 minuites of silence hhaha :D love me or hate me ... I'm keeping a tally of all the women that say "hate you" and all the guys that read this and laugh, but don't comment because they don't give a shit... you read this and call me a dumbass but it's true... I am the troll child


Dude, what planet are you from? I should be so lucky to have parking tickets that are ONLY $10. Try $45-$50+.

Regardless, OP shodl learn to read a sign, and contesting wouldn't be an issue.


shut up, your black , black people have no opinions... *chuckles* oh I'm just kidding, or am I? let's start a argument about racists, how do you get a black outa a tree? cut the rope... haha love me or hate me, people don't hate because I told a racist joke, I tell jokes about white people too, and mexicans , I know alot of those, your not a racist if you discriminate on all races equally