By Andre - 29/07/2010 10:56 - United States

Today, I got a parking ticket while standing beside my car. FML
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I don't see why people are always so upset at cops when they get a parking ticket. It's your own fault for parking where you aren't supposed to.

I assume it is not illegal to stand next to one's car, therefore you must have been ticketed for parking your car illegally. Standing next to your car does not change the illegality of the act. When the car is not in motion, the keys are not in the ignition, and the driver is not in the driver's seat, then the car is considered parked. It is as simple as that. Standing next to the car just made it easier for the cop to hand the ticket to you instead having to place the ticket on the windshield.


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are you blind, how could you miss that?

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don't make fun of blind people douche bag

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Didn't you see the sign that said "No Standing Anytime"?

it's funny because you were next to your car but you still got a ticket for being there that long

Haha wow. I got 2 parking tickets while my car was parked in front of my house and I was sleeping. Good times, right?

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See, it's funny b/c he says exactly what's funny about the FML.

OP should read jalopnik. Some guy from Australia had the same thing happen just recently and sent the govt a great letter.

is funny because 15 doesnt get the reference

shouldn't have been a cheap ass... pay for your parking.

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19, how the hell is that in any way close to what happened to the OP?

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hey 26, mine isn't either... daag on iPod... oh, and my mom got a parking ticket while in it waiting for someone to pull out while I was in GameStop waiting on line to get a game. Damn cops can't find the double Parker right in front of her not even in the car, but she gets one for waiting to park.... and the keyboard only closes if u exit the app...

59, I was basically saying that cops suck for giving tickets when you're standing next to your car, or when your car is in front of your own house. I didn't really say that but that's what I meant D:

soooooooo, what you're saying NOW is that you want to post your full name, SSN, mother's maiden name, and date of birth for all to see? I mean, you didn't SAY any of that, but that's what you MEANT, right?

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something similar happened to me with the university. I parked in a parking lot I wasn't supposed to so I could turn in a paper on time. when I came back the guy had already written my ticket. at least I got my paper turned in.

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well that cops got nerve... and why is everyone mentioning #15 O.o

It's funny because 15 fails and it's funny because he's stating the obvious to be funny and your a dumb **** :)

what is the reference where he says "it's funny because...". ?

I got a parking ticket while in my car

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81; the reference is Fuad from family guy. Indiana must have some harsh parking laws if the cop ticketed you while u were right beside the car, unless what u really meant was that u ran up beside the car when u saw that u were getting ticketed cause as soon as they put ur plate # in ur getting the ticket, END of story, try disputing it in traffic court, what do u have to loose?

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it's funny because 15 is oblivious

Or he s just really slow and an immature kid

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Doesn't matter where you were standing. You still broke the law.

Agree. You deserve it even more for not wanting to take responsibilaty for your faults.

The FML is vague... he could have just gotten out of his car and was about to put money in the meter... or he could have not paid/put enough money on the meter and was racing back to stop the meter maid from writing the ticket. One way his life sucks, the other way it's his fault.

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Lovely Rita, Meter-maid got the best of you. You can appeal those tickets too.

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dont stand by that car its illegal

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Your car was still parked in a no parking space. Who cares where you were, even if you were IN the car. Some people think the rules apply to everyone but them, or have an "excuse" why they shouldn't apply to them. How can this be anything BUT your fault? YDI.