By earths_venus - 24/07/2010 07:44 - Australia

Today, my new coworker told me he expects me to call him King Kong and bow down to him whenever he walks past. FML
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o.O look him straight in the eye say it was love that killed the beast then run away


Or, or, can not call him king kong. Fuck this Mr. Kong character

is he a mental retard? lol

oh king kong? yea, you gotta bow and pay the man respect.

'selenagirl' that's nothing to joke about and that guys got mad issues I agree with #1

And then you told him "well I want you to lick deezenuts" right??

tell him "give me that cwk sawndwhich" then he'll freak out and run away from you at sight. Works everytime.

I'd trip him as he walks by.

sooo...where do you work?

maybe you should if he has OCD

20 that's because youre mentally retarded

I'm afraid 13 speaks the truth. don't even test him. just do what he says.

or you can just put your foot in his ass wear him as a shoe

Opposed to a physical retard?

-20 until u or ur loved one is diagnosed with it. so no it's not. watch wat u say, fate might just teach u a lesson.

so u can still laugh at it. black people and there voodoo superstition! ^^

just start treating him like a monkey.

f*ck u! stupid jerk

draw an epic picture of a huge veiny beast of a man sausage, with added hairy balls, and repeatedly staple it to his forehead......

ask him if he knows that king kong died?

o.O look him straight in the eye say it was love that killed the beast then run away

Close I think it was "beauty" not "love". I could be wrong.

I remember it as love, but I may be wrong.

King Kong 4D at Universal Studios Hollywood is pretty awesome.. if you're ever there you should check it out

Tell your coworker that if he wants to be called King Kong that he can go ahead and jump off the Empire State Building while he's at it. What an idiot.

So say your Godzilla and will kick his ass if doesn't bow down to you. Weird people at work though!

I like your duel fighters. Who will win? Prefer Hulk VS Thing.

pfft hulk vs thing is a joke. the hulk would destroy the thing

If you're gonna bow, bow low, so when you get back up you can sucker punch him in the nuts.

If it was your boss that said that, I'd get it, but if it's just a lowly coworker... grow a pair and tell him to fuck off

lol fyl why? just don't do it.

What he deserves is a knee to the groin.