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Today, after what I thought was several weeks of flirting with a coworker, I asked her out on a date. She asked if it could be a double date, and I said yes. I brought a friend, she brought her husband. FML
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If she wears a wedding ring, then this is absolutely entirely your fault.

She could've just said she was married. Instead of humiliating him.


She could've just said she was married. Instead of humiliating him.

If she wears a wedding ring, then this is absolutely entirely your fault.

Well, now you have to go back and figure out what all those weeks of non-flirting actually were. Be careful, OP; they could be bees!

The girl is either dumb or dishonest, and inconsiderate in either case.

I feel like she did it on purpose. How could she not have known that you meant to take her on the date?

Does she not wear a wedding ring? And how does one go several weeks without gettint into the single/not single territory of discussion? I feel like this is half YDI and half FYL.

My husband and I don't wear our rings, so it's possible.

Yes I know some don't, I personally don't wear mine on my hand but on a chain around my neck, but MOST people wear them. And even if she doesn't, I still wonder how they went WEEKS without getting into a discussion of marital status at some point.

Yeah, but if someone says to you, "Would you like to go out on a date?" I'm pretty sure you don't misinterpret that as, "Hey I know you have a husband, bring him along!"

Not all married women wear their engagement/ wedding ring.... :-(

And why the frown face? Men do the same thing. Is it so wrong for a woman to not wear the ring? Maybe the work they do makes it a risk to wear metal. There is no reason to frown because she decided to not wear the ring.

tough break, then again she should've worn her wedding ring at work

She shouldn't have to wear a ring. She could instead, be an adult and use her words. She knew OP meant a date and knew what it meant. She was simply rude and inconsiderate.

The same thing can be said for married men who don't wear their bands to work. Fucking idiot.

There's a number of jobs where people can't wear rings. Or she may just not like rings. And people don't talk about whether they're single or not as often as people seem to think. I don't see it as a topic that would come up at work that often. That's a terrible thing for her to do though. Her poor husband too. Being used as a prop in her petty plans.

She knew what OP meant with the request of a date. That was a perfect time to disclose her unavailability in dating, IF it hadn't come up in conversation before. In my opinion she was a bitch by not feeling obligated to explain.

It must have been awkward to make out with your friend to prove you're a proud, gay man to her husband and not a sleazebag hitting on his wife.