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Today, I asked out this girl at work who I've had a crush on for a while. She looked oddly familiar, aside from the fact that we worked together. It was almost like we'd met outside of work. Two hours and one Snapchat story later, I realized I'd asked out my best friend's girlfriend. FML
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Today, my best friend asked out my girlfriend at work, FML

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I'm guessing and hoping she said no?


PBplusJ 12

I'm guessing and hoping she said no?

Even if she said yes, it might be just cause she recognised OP and figured there was nothing wrong with having lunch with a work colleague who is also her boyfriend's best friend.

You shouldn't assume the best friend wouldn't be okay with her going with others!

Dude, I'm hoping She said no. Hope everything works out for you

That sucks OP. But I hope you clarified to your best friend that it was completely unintentional. Don't let it remain a secret or else it'll just cause boundaries between you and your friend. Although.. It's weird that you forgot how your best friend's girl looked like... But it happens I guess. Good luck!

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For some reason some people distance their SO's from their friends. Weird, since I feel it'd be good to know their friends... Unless they're complete a*holes of course.

It's believable that they wouldn't be close friends, and I guess it's possible that he wouldn't recognize her by face, especially if they don't use Facebook. As #3 said, some people don't include their SOs in the social circle. But I'm having a hard time that they best friend never mentioned to either of them that they work at the same place. The best friend had to know that they were coworkers, and it's very odd that he wouldn't have mentioned it.

Maybe it's a new girlfriend? They might have only met once?

Well hopefully your buddy is an easy guy and y'all laughed at it

PBplusJ 12

Today, my best friend asked out my girlfriend at work, FML

2 top comments? You are a god amongst men

At least you didn't ask her to lunch and spend the whole time talking about other girls.

Haha I love references to past FMLs within FMLs

Imagine if you'd taken her out and she spent the whole meal complaining about her boyfriend. Awkward!

That's some shitty luck. You're an idiot though

Hopefully your friend didn't get too upset and understood where you came from. Accidents happen man

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I really she said least if she didn't you can now tell your friend how horrible she is.

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