By Anonymous - 07/12/2018 20:00 - United States - Los Angeles

Today, after a year and half of being single, I was asked out on a date. I was asked by a married man. FML
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Well OP didn’t say they’re a beggar. Also sometimes being the side chick is worse than being single, especially when the wife finds out

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doesn't matter..asked out. hahaha just kidding...he's a pig.

that's shady. I could see if he was separated, getting divorced, not living with the wife etc. or he could have wanted you to join in with him and the wife?

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Are you really in any position to be shooing away men? 😂

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I made an account just so I could comment, since I am the OP. The aforemention married man was very upfront with me and told me that he and his wife decided to split up. But did mention it was only a few weeks prior to meeting me that they made this decision. They have not even begun the divorce process and they still live together. Not to mention the the married man and I have mutual friends and I was informed he cheated on his wife often. So, red flags all over the place. I rather stay single lol.

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Sounds like a good choice to stay away from this guy for multiple reasons. However, if you don’t like being single why don’t you stop waiting for others to take action and start asking people out on dates? If you do it with the mindset that even if they say no, it’s still a victory because you were brave enough to ask then suddenly you don’t have anything to lose. It completely changed my dating life when i started looking at it like that. However, if you’re happy being single then I apologise for the unwanted advice and will just stick to wishing you happy holidays.

I would say take the compliment and use it to ask other people out. But coming from a sleazebag like this it's really not a compliment (but also not an insult).