By thanksforthat - United States
Today, after selling their car, my parents decided to inform me that my car (that I paid for myself) is now going to be the "Family Car". They also informed me that since it is, after all, my car, I'll still have to pay for the gas and maintenance. FML
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By  acd23  |  0

If my parents did that to me I'd tell them they can either start contributing to gas and maintenance or they can start finding other ways to travel, like a bus, or a bike. They may be your parents but if you paid for that car with your own money, you should still have a say on who can and can't use it, and you shouldn't have to foot the car bills yourself if you aren't the only one using it.

  amiotica  |  2

refuse to put them on your isurance... then they cant drive the car.. and if they take it anyways call the cops and report it missing... its your car.. your parents cant just drive it without your permission

  SunlightVeins  |  0

"depending on your, age, situation, and previous encounters with your parents, i would say this could be:

either a fml, ydi, or both"

Aren't those the only options? Ever?

  lockets  |  0

Disregard the fact that your parents have spent a great deal of money raising, clothing, and feeding you. I'm sure that 2k you spent on the hunk of metal you call a car definitely compares. Sure, it's not "fair," but figure out how much you've cost them financially in all the years you've lived under their roof and maybe you'll get a bit of perspective.


Here's what you do: refuse to put them on your insurance, keep all copies of the car keys in YOUR possession, then if they find a way to still get ahold of them, call the police and you can have them arrested for it.
But, that's if you're not taking a roof over your head for granted.

  Darkon  |  0


What is it with people like you that think parents are entitled to everything that they want from their child? You do not owe your parents for raising you, for feeding you, for clothing you, etc... that is all part of the package they signed up for when they decided to have their night of unprotected fun. Should you be thankful for it? Of course, but you do not owe them for it.


I would straight out tell them no! Tell them the first time you see your car missing you will report it as stolen to the police. People like this need no leniency! If you allow them to do this they are just going to take wherever else as well.

  escualida  |  0

@224 I was just about to say pretty much exactly what you said. Her parents aren't entitled to just take whatever they want from her just because they spent money raising her, which was their responsibility in the first place when they decided to have a child. She deserves just as much respect as anyone else, and they have no right to make her give up her car, AND pay for all the costs.. it's just ridiculous.

  MobMentality  |  0

By your logic parents would be justified in demanding reimbursement for raising you. Paying for your child's upbringing is not a gift or a loan to them, it's your responsibility. Unless the OP paid for his car with birthday money from his parents or somethings, then it's a completely bitch move on their part, and if they gave him your excuse they should go fuck themselves.

  C7ynT05  |  2

Hey, if you wanna have a child, it's your own problem that you have to spend all that money on them, don't ever try and make like they owe you something just because you brought them into this world. You made a decision now you need to live with that.

To thanksforthat, if they sold their car because the are out of a job then stop being a whiney little bitch, everyone on earth is struggling right now, be thankful for what you have. But, they should have discussed the whole situation with you beforehand, it is still YOUR car and YOU need to lay some ground rules, just like any parent would do with their child.

  Puolukka  |  4

Exactly and for some parents that reimbursment may happen...and it does when you're an adult and they're really old and they need YOU to take care of them...whether it's having them live with you because they can't cope on their own or making sure they get assistance at home or are well taken care of in a retirement home...

But I really don't think they have the right to just take whatever they want from their child.

  slasher29  |  0

1 yeah it's annoying. but there are things the op can do. she can, if she's eighteen, get into a legal mess. or, better yet, sell it. i havn't read the comments and i'm guessing there will be at least one person who says something about them paying for you all your life.

  Link5794  |  18

219 That's basically like being a slave, dumbass. Just because your parents raised you doesn't mean you owe them. They're supposed to take care of you, and if they don't make sure you're clothed, fed, and educated if they can afford it, then they're neglecting you, which is illegal.

  monkeybanana  |  7

they're parents. theyre supposed to do all those things. you're probably an adult so just think back to when you were a kid and see how you'd feel about something like that.

  babbu18  |  0

stand up for yourself and tell them that if they can't afford their own car then that's too bad and that your car is yours and NO ONE ELSE'S! it may or may not work but lets hope fir the best:)

  spoo  |  24

precisely, stand up to them, or you be the parents.

Sorry Mom / Dad, dinner sucked... you cant take out the car.

Hold them hostage over it.

I would have a field day if my parents did this when I was a kid..

By  acd23  |  0

If my parents did that to me I'd tell them they can either start contributing to gas and maintenance or they can start finding other ways to travel, like a bus, or a bike. They may be your parents but if you paid for that car with your own money, you should still have a say on who can and can't use it, and you shouldn't have to foot the car bills yourself if you aren't the only one using it.

  acd23  |  0

That's probably true, but if the parents are going to act like she doesn't have a say over who uses her car, but then tells her that since it's technically "her" car, (after having just told her it was the "family" car) she has to pay for all the costs for using it. It just seems like they need to come to an agreement on it. It should be either the family car, where everyone can help pay to use it, or the OP's car, where she pays the entire cost and uses it by herself.

  tuxedoandex  |  28

That would be nice, but from experience, parents control everything you own unless you don't live with them any more. I bought my MacBook Pro with my own $2000, but I still have very little control over it.

By  insolvent  |  2

I can understand that they would like to borrow it from time to time, but then they really should chip in on gas and insurance...
Sell the car and go on a vacation! :)

By  efmivida  |  0

you're parents are totally and utterly ridiculous, i would refuse to let this happen, i say sell the car, keep the money to yourself and dont tell them. then buy a motorcycle just to screw with them. insane


Um...not really. Cars, if used, can be as low as $2700. Insurance might be $200 a month, and gas could be $100 a month. A part time job covers that. My 16 yr old sister earns $200 a month easily just by working once a week. Rent on an apartment could $3000 monthly, not including food, fees, etc. And if they're still living with their parents, they probably go to school. It's difficult to get a job to afford everything while still getting an education. A car isn't worth dropping out.

OP: FYL. Never give them the keys, don't drive them, etc. That really does suck. If you can, get a motorcycle. Sell the car. A motorcycle is cheaper and faster, plus, you can't drive anyone on it. Hah. Good luck.

  therealmike  |  0

$200/month for insurance? $3000/month for rent? WTF?

I pay $60/month for car insurance and my rent, if I rented this place, would be $1400/month. And I live in a VERY expensive town.

  medfly  |  2

my sister purchased a used car and ended up having to pay more than $1300 to repair it.
maintenance is another expense.
plus, if more than one person uses the car, it means it's going to be missing sometimes, and that the fuel costs can rise a lot.

in any case, it's a change for the worse for OP, it would no doubt be worse if they kicked her out, too, but this is still a change for the worse.

  HumansSuck  |  0

Actually, you're off on the low price of the car too.
I got my car (my first car) about 3 months ago for $750. All it needed was a new radiator($140), a new hood($100), and a new headlight($45). That's only about $1000 for a car. (And it's a 2001 and gets over 30 mpg. Byeah!)

But yeah, that's bullshit if you paid for it yourself. Unfortunately, where I live, if you're under 18 you can't even have the car in your name. That sucks.

Tell your parents off and tell them to buy their own car with the money they got from selling their car.


I don't know what rent costs. I'm still in high school.
I was just trying to give an example on how a high school student couldn't work enough hours to pay for rent/insurance/etc. while still maintaining a good average and not going crazy.

  sophiexo  |  0

@180 ydi for commenting like you know better without any research or experience. I'm in high school too, probably younger than you, and even I know what you said was total crap.