By Butter_Cup - 28/12/2009 21:39 - United States

Today, my mom sold the car I've been working on for the last few years for 100 dollars. To buy gas for her car. FML
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I'd say there would be some poetic justice if you were to siphon her gas.

Fake, unless you are dumb enough to not sign the pink slip. If that's the case, YDI big time.


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#57: I love how you played the "Think of what we've done for you" card to justify the OP's mother stealing her car. It's not just the fact that she sold it for her own gain, it's the fact that she STOLE it to sell it for her own gain. And how do you know she's not still in High school? Are you saying High schoolers can't work on cars? That's weird, considering they have machine shop classes...and then there's my friend Jacob who's working on his car to "earn it" when he's 15. (I swear to God someone does some "Team Jacob" bullshit Ima smack a bitch)

Saying your friend is called Jacob, is 15 and likes mechanics is nigh begging for it, #72. But I digress. Is it not actually a very old Yo Mamma's joke what OP is really talking about?

Potentially, the mother has been nagging for years to get rid of the hunk of junk and butter_cup has never really looked after it. Maybe the mother has set deadlines and threatened to get rid of it if butter_cup didn't - we don't know.

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lame i saw this shit on yo momma

Why do people allow their parents to do such stupid things? Limits, boundaries and threats are the three key words to raising parents...... and children....... and friends....... and strangers

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better than what happened to me. my dad who always borrowed my car owed drug dealers money and so they decided bashing in all my windows, slashing my tires and my newly resurfaced interior, and pissing eveywhere to get even. =

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"Your momma so stupid that she sold the car for gas money." Literally... Just not her own car, of course ^_^

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^ Unfortunately you just proved all the dumb blonde jokes.

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Are none of you capable of spelling and grammar? And yes, OP, that is horrible. Sorry about the grammar thing. In response to your issue, maybe try buying it back, depending on to whom it was sold?

Fake, unless you are dumb enough to not sign the pink slip. If that's the case, YDI big time.

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In many states, minors cannot own vehicles. To me it sounds as if the OP were a minor and working on a car to get it running. Oh yeah, OP - FYL.

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YDI for taking so long to work on the car. In the time it took me to write this comment, I built three cars from scratch.

Yarrachel 16

I concur. You are absolutely right. I will change my ways, and stop posting useless, irrelevant garbage. Tomorrow.

You could just go off yourself. Would be doing the world a favor.

Yarrachel 16

I could, but I'm feeling a little lazy today. Maybe next week, if my schedule is clear.

Somehow, the people telling Yarrachel off piss me off more than Yarrachel himself.

I actually found the original comment rather witty and entertaining. (:

You must have spent years writing that comment then.

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Reminds me of something that happened to my boyfriend, only she sold two of his project cars (same make & model for switching parts) because he told her to in a dream. And that reminded me to submit that as a FML. :P