List of sins

By Anonymous - 28/01/2022 04:58

Today, I found out the girl I’ve been seeing, and having lots of kinky sex with, I’m talking "confess to a priest or take to your grave" kind of kinky, is actually my cousin who moved abroad when she was two years-old, and only just recently moved back here. FML
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Well, that's one thing to take to the grave.


Well, that's one thing to take to the grave.

AzraelAngelus 15

I’d confess if I were you if not because of religious beliefs at least so you might feel better

So what? You can still bang her. And then brag about to a priest.

randybryant799 20

As long as she's not your first cousin it doesn't matter.

There are some states that let first cousins marry.

How did you not know!? Wouldn't her name tip you off?

You can have cousins on your mother's side you know. And if you didn't know, maybe you're also banging a cousin.

Unless she's actually your sister the DNA disparity is enough that there won't be any lasting effects even if you do decide to procreate.

Not true. You at least double the risk of passing on genetic disorders with a cousin vs some random person. And it's higher if you're from an ethnic group that doesn't have much diversity already. Admittedly you'll probably get away with it most of the time, unlike a full sibling.

Singalong: Sweet home Alabama Where the skies are so blue Sweet home Alabama Lord I'm comin' home to you

Definitely “take it to the grave” kinky. Dang