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Today, my vegetarian housemate cleaned the fridge. He threw away all of the meat in our fridge and made a nice sign stating "Meat is Murder". I was storing roughly $1000 worth of filet mignon steaks and seafood for my sister's wedding. FML
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I would kill your housemate and serve him at your sister's wedding.

I'm a vegetarian too, but that's just wrong. :o I understand when people eat meat, it's not like I can change them. But what your roommate did was going too far. -_- Oh, and tell him to stop supporting PETA. T_T


I would kill your housemate and serve him at your sister's wedding.

good idea. the douchebag needs to realise the consequences of his petty actions, and making him pay for meat is a pretty good punishment imo. FYL big time.

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#1 your name is awesome i don't understand how meat is murder but vegetarians are okay with eating vegetables (which is murder)

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I concur. Or at least beat his tree-hugging ass. Vegetarians tend to be weak as **** anyway.

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I am a vegetarian, but I am not a weak build, I actually won a wrestling competition, but if I EVER did that to some one, I would LET them beet me to a pulp, and I would never apoligize so I could be beaten MORE. Seriously, I hate vegetarians who give us a bad name. Especially PETA.

"you know i don't eat pork, not because i'm a muslim, i just don't really like it, but i really will **** a bird up. and fish is good when that shit is fresh. it's like my nigga Vast Air from Cann Ox if you don't like the smell of burning meat, well then get the **** off the planet. you know i don't criticize people for eating moss, then don't open your ******* mouth about my food, man. i like beef and broccoli ************. mind your god-damn business." (Beef and broccoli - immortal technique) I think I'd kill my roomm8 for doing that... Sereously wtf was he thinking?! Go to a butcher, get as many blood as you can get and just **** his room up with it!

How is eating vegetables murder?? They grow in the ground, don't breathe and have no family??

hellooooo, plants do breathe... And they have as much family as most animals, they just don't have the sense of it, as a lot of animals as well... I don't think eating vegetables is murder, nor is eating meat.

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lol #140, "plants feel pain" is the most dumb eco-friendly phrase I've ever heard. as much as I'm all for reasonable ecology, nuclear power plants, eletric cars and so on, i hate when children are taught it the dumbest way possible. agree on murder too - as long as we eat it it's ok, but I'd happily punch some of the ignorants who slaughter the shark population just for their fins. don't they teach about ecosystem in Russia? wouldn't be so surprised

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Oh really. If anyone "sucks dick" it's meat-eaters. Let me explain. Meat eaters like to eat chickens. To eat anything, you have to put it in your mouth i.e. suck it Chickens are sometimes called cocks, so... Meat eaters suck ****.

Sorry to tell you this, but you aren't meant to suck your chickens.

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don't take my comments too seriously. I actually have nothing against meat eaters

since when does a person need to SAY "please don't throw my stuff out" to prevent a housemate touching something that's not theirs? Basic etiquette says you DON'T THROW OUT OTHER PEOPLE'S STUFF.

I'm a vegetarian too, but I'm not the type that makes meat-eaters feel horrible about themselves. That would be as bad as those who impose religion on you. I hate those assholes

In reply to #18 (comments seem to be randomly placed today): Your english teacher is an idiot that doesn't sound qualified to teach infants to finger paint. Both words have roots in greek and latin, evolved in to their modern forms through middle english, and have absolutely no relationship beyond that. The only thing inherited from Hippocrates in an etymological context would be the Hippocratic oath. You can look up the etymology for either word anywhere online for a breakdown of the original meanings if you've never studied latin or middle english. Equating Hippocrates with hypocrisy sounds like the sort of thing a religious fundamentalist or new ager bent on questioning the application of modern medicine would come up with.

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I'm glad you're like that I think peta is WAY too radical just like abortionist. I do believe that using animals just for their fur is wrong. But don't tell me i can't eat their meat I mean at least when you eat the meat the whole animal is being used and not going to waste. When people kill for fur then and dont eat the meat it's a waste

Actually, it's only a few vegetarians that force their views on others and make it bad for the rest of us! So don't generalise on that, and don't generalise on saying "we don't force our views on you" comments, because I've been a vegi for 15 years, and I can tell you that a lot of meat eaters DO try force their views on vegetarians, just have a look at this page! There are so many people slating vegetarians, there are a LOT more vegis about than you think, you just don't know about it because they're not forcing their views on you, so you only remember the ones who do! Please don't tar us all with the same brush!!

That sucks SO much. I'm veggy, but I don't **** with other people's food. I mean, I might throw something away if it's covered in mold, but that's totally different.

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Great idea! Probably not a lot of meat there though. lol To me, it was your property, you had the right to store it in the 'fridge, roomate disposed of it (illegally), so roomate owes you for the food. End of story.

At OP, You could do what all these other people suggest, or you could do something better. 1.) Get the money back after explaining he just ruined your sisters wedding. 2.) Take the trashcan full of meat and put it somewhere warm and leave it until after you have your money. 3.) Take the trashcan full of rotted/maggoty meat and pour it over him as he sleeps. 4.) Bask in the glowing warmth of revenge until he pursues litigation against you for psychological duress (unless you live in Portland, NY, Seattle, NH, or CA you should be fine).

#88: Did you seriously just type roomm8? Was the extra 'ate' just too much effort?

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Not that I'm justifying what the housemate did, but it was a little insensitive for the OP to fill the refrigerator with $1000 worth of fish and meat without asking. Even if you're not a vegetarian, taking a salad out of the refrigerator, only for it to smell like fish and raw beef, sucks.

Leave a sign on his door saying "For every animal you save, I eat three."

you re so right, there is no gowd Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by rulers as useful. Every believers are subservient peons. Sponsor a vegetarian!

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...Pretty sure it was a spelling correction not an etymology lecture. The previous poster had spelled "hypocrite" as "hippocrate". Nice rant though.

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well she was storing it for the wedding not keeping it there to rub it in someone's place to annoy them not his property to ruin, seriously he should pay,

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Oh damn, Immortal Technique, I recognized that shit from the get-go!

#320, who the hell are you responding to?

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If we do start killing people, I vote we start with you. Clearly you're an idiot.

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It definitely was turbogirl. Sorry for the confusion :)

We actually do need meat to live, vegans and vegetarians have to take multi-vitamins because they are not getting enough vitamins from their 'normal' diet. There was also a short study (which was terminated a head of schedule) on horizon covering whether or not people could live off fruit and veg, the study was terminated because the people became ill. Omnivores means eats anything, meat or veg it doesn't matter. Or think of it a different way, vegetarians and vegans are further down the food chain than normal omnivorous humans and therefore could be considered a food source.

Religion will never be the answer. I encourage you to actually get to know God. That's all he wants. To know you and love you.

i like 254's i dont get why people only eat vegetables meat tastes soooooo good

71 is probably the only vegetarian I've seen on this site that isn't a smug piece of shit.

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They're not also one of the people that have morals like "I will not eat this apple until it falls off the tree by itself," are they?

agreed serve some soilent green for the wedding

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Wouldn't he notice that you had a couple dozen extra filets than normally? Really.

Doesn't he know its ok to eat fish because they dont have feelings?

make ur friend pay or you'll buy a rabbit just to kill it in front of him

he thinks being a vegetarian is the pass to everything... including being an arrogant jerk who doesn't know how to respect ppl that lives in the same household. if I were u, I'd buy a bunch of fur and a giant fur blanket and put all in his or her room and change every product in the house to animal tested... and make them a soup with every single kind of meat u can possibly find in it... after they eat it , tell them u r a murder and watch them puke their lungs out

Wow that is so weird that was the exact thought that formed in my head after I read it. Then i pressed on comments and read this.

I'm a vegetarian but I don't go around preaching at people. I don't tell people off for eating meat. And I certainly wouldn't do what OP's housemate did! Not all of us fit with the stereotype. Get it right.

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were you dropped on your head when you were little?

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Agreed....especially since $1000 worth of meat must be taking up a LOTTTTT of space in your SHARED freezer...

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or not have a vegatarian housemate

Either way. But I would get back at the room mate. possibly covering his entire room with blood from the local butchers. Or throwing out his computer/tv/something expensive and leave a note like "You're evicted." I'd also make him pay back the money, or re-buy the meat.

He's an idiot, throwing away the meat means that the animal died for absolutely nothing, but if you ate it then at least it had a cause.

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he shouldnt have to tell the roomate anything. the roomate should respect the other people in the house and not touch the food. not everyone is a vegetarian and he needs to realize that.

I'm a vegetarian too, but that's just wrong. :o I understand when people eat meat, it's not like I can change them. But what your roommate did was going too far. -_- Oh, and tell him to stop supporting PETA. T_T

Yeah, if meat is murder, then why would he throw it away? If you're out of meat wouldn't that make you just go buy more, essentially killing even MORE animals?

My view is that even if a few thousand people don't eat meat, they're still going to kill the same number of animals.

Thats like forcing other people to your beliefs. I agree with #3

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You're very fallacious, y'know. Stop generalizing people based on a very, VERY few people. Also, its more than flowers. You can get ALL your nutrients from plants, fruits, beans, and other non-meat products. And survival of the fittest DOESN'T mean anything... if we went out to kill animals with our bare hands, THAT would mean something. Using weapons and managing to kill them, even though we're lazy fatasses and they're fit, strong animals... how is that survival of the fittest? Weaponry has killed the concept. You don't even have to put yourself in danger anymore.

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survival of the fittest.... doesn't mean it has to be a ******* muscle on muscle battle. That would be survival of the physically fittest, or physically strongest. That is a dick measuring contest. We survive because we are INTELLIGENT enough to create the weapons that keep us disconnected from danger. We are the fittest because we are the smartest. The ultimate Irony is that our compassion for the animals is not shared (perhaps because of a disparity of intelligence). Go find a big ass Kodiak Grizzly and you see if he shares your same compassion for your life.

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Animals are still cooler than humans. I hate humans.

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It doesn't matter that we use tools to kill, it's still survival of the fittest. Orangutans use sticks to pull ants and grubs out of wood and we don't invalidate their survival skills. What I'm trying to say is that survival of the fittest at its very core isn't about how you kill something, just that you won.

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I think I remember hearing about someone who tried to apply survival of the fittest to modern day society. He was a German, named Adolf, he conquered most of Europe, but I think he called it ethnic cleansing. When people try to use survival of the fittest to justify modern day policy BAD THINGS HAPPEN. No, I'm not saying that all non-vegetarians are Hitler, just that survival of the fittest shouldn't be used to justify hurting something. Survival of the fittest means we're able to kill animals, not that we should.

Adolph hitler wasn't killing Jews to eat them. try to stay on topic here.

Weaponry is an extension of intellect and ability to manipulate. Just as two is better than one so is using others to create the weapons. People became dominate because of this. Therefore it is still survival of the fittest. Your retort is flawed because you failed to understand the meaning of "fittest" which refers to being able to best adapt and coupe to an environment and does not refer to muscles. Humans became omivours to be able to eat both meat and vegetables.

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#248 very well said! I concur. 

"Animals are still cooler than humans"... humans ARE animals.

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please stop generalizing vegetarians. He didn't do that because he's a vegetarian he did it because he's a jerk who doesn't respect other people and their decisions. and survival of the fittest has nothing to do with an advanced society because we don't need to actually kill to eat.

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you're the bigoted asshole. been a veggie less than a year so I can see both sides. angry much? relax and get the veggies out of your stiff bungholio.

fittest doesn't mean most physically fit, it means most capable to survive using whatever methods possible

403 WTF r u talking are so ignorant it's not funny he wanted a perfect race not to kill other races to survive

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then we can say ..."of the most capable" same difference really

Me and my entire family are all vegetarians and we don't do any of that stuff

#403 omg I hate it when people compare meat to the holocaust, they are not the same

#231 what you're saying doesn't really makes sense,, you might want to re-check your definition of "survival of the fittest" we're the superior species now due to our intelligence and ability to make and use tools, if we went out killing animals with our bare hands like you say, it would only mean we're back at being cave-man.. and yes the whole idea is that we don't have to put ourselves in danger in order get food. plus our digestive system made to digest meat as well, that is probably not for nothing. animals eat animals and we are animals. Ps: I bet you killed a whole lot of plants with your bare hands ^^

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Plants take in CO2, not Oxygen.

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They create oxygen. In eating plants, you would in fact be destroying oxygen, because the less plants that exist, the less C02 (that we can't breathe in) gets converted into oxygen (Which we do breathe in).

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I enjoy this comment. Reminds me of a stellar South Park episode

Itsalwaysfunny, YOU WIN! So much win right here =].

And without animals theres less oxygen taken by them

Destroying oxygen? Wait, that's not even there? You do realize most of the air you breath comes from algae right? Even if it did come from the plants that humans need to eat it wouldn't matter, homeostasis would balance it out. That only happens though if that's how it's supposed to be.

You should either do one of the following: A. Put "Tasty, Tasty Murder" on the sign or B. Make a new one saying "You're killing our Oxygen!". That should really piss your roomie off.

A complete lie. Think. The more vegetables are eaten, the more will be grown. In their lifespans, they will absorb a hell of a lot of CO2. And if everyone eats meat, then the cattle will carry on ingesting ridiculous amounts of grass and having the rainforest cut down for land to rear them on.

Why not plant some trees? They take in a hell of a lot more CO2 and generally have much longer lifespans than vegetables. Plus they are pretty and make shade.

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i think you should ask him to pay for those meat back. he should've talked to you first.

I agree. I am vegetarian also and I don't do shitty things like that. Your housemate is an asshole

No, soylent green is people. Silly rabbit.

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exactly franfran's point, if you kill all the plants then a percentage of the oxygen wouldn't be able to be restored. then the huge concentration on Carbon Dioxide will destroy the ozone layer.

Exactly. Since they are chopping down a plant to get food from it, it is no longer making oxygen.

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If his room-mate is human, then it is very possible that he did that. Most people in a self-rightous frenzy aren't very good thinkers.

You can always serve fried chicken =P What is the difference?

So by your logic any vegan or vegetarian that bitches how "meat is murder" outside of a grocery store or butcher shop is wasting their time since they "honor it's sacrifice" Nice try. That's funny, they do it all the time at those places. It seems you see them in those two locations a lot more then animal shelters and farms. Try and actually think before you talk.