Social media was a mistake

By Anonymous - 16/05/2013 10:51 - Australia

Today, I registered on an irritable bowel support group, unknowingly linking it to my Facebook wall. FML
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TheHarvest 7

thats the problem with social networks. everyone knows EVERYTHING.

mansen 15

Well, now your friends will know who to blame for the farts...


How very shitty.

Just like this pun.

Oh crap, this guy has a shitty life.

slam4691 2

That's kinda crappy

Pwn17 25

Do people really still think this joke is funny?

TheHarvest 7

thats the problem with social networks. everyone knows EVERYTHING.

Even when you can't take a shit. I'm telling you, I'm scared for the generation that comes next.

perdix 29

#3, no, everyone only knows what you are dumb enough to tell them. (And what you get photographed/videotaped doing ;) )

I don't know about OP but every time I use something that crosses over with Facebook it always asks for my permission to share and who to share with... so really you have only yourself to blame for not taking the extra few precautionary clicks

mansen 15

Well, now your friends will know who to blame for the farts...

silentxninja 13

Yes, but if they are really her friends, hopefully they will understand that with irritable bowel syndrome, those types of things can't really be controlled, and they won't be upset with OP because of it.

I guess making another shitty pun would be redundant. OP, you better butt out of that group... Eh

What a shitty mishap.

You'd think after the first two shit puns were buried that people would shut up with them. Nope.

".. after the first two shit puns.." I see what you did there, sneaky hypocrite

Whoa I didn't even mean to do that. I'm a unknowing hypocrite! D:

It's alright. Shit happens... :D

Don't worry OP, I know your pain. IBS sucks.

Totally agree. I was diagnosed in 7/08 .. It has its moments but I try to control it as best I can.

Coeliacchic93 21

I was diagnosed 2004 however I'm also coeliac and awaiting investigation for other issues, anyone diagnosed with IBS I would highly recommend getting tested for coeliac disease as it can often get misdiagnosed. Good luck all

I had an endo / colonoscopy last year .. Was not fun doing that. They did tests and samples. Came back normal for everything.. Just gotta watch what i eat

oNisao 21

YDI. Facebook..*facedesk*. Idk why people gotta connect everything to fb and share everything on fb. -.^

I don't think OP did it on purpose. Some sites ask for certain rights to post things on your fb wall. So it is possible she accidentally clicked yes. That or fb required it. Kind of like how most sites require you to log in with a facebook or twitter account before accessing the site/becoming a member.

And that's the prime reason I don't belong to a lot of sites anymore. Hopefully OP can go back and remove the Facebook notifications, otherwise, I'm sure there are other support groups out there that don't require you to make everything public. Try asking your doctor or check with a local hospital, they usually have that kind of information.

oNisao 21

True true, in that case the support group is not smart If they think people will want to share such things as op's issue... Isn't it obvious ppl want to keep those stuff to themselves.

Facebook is great if you want to keep in touch with friends or find like-minded people in help groups (like the OP). Not everybody has available access to things like that, so it's great that those sorts of things can be done online. But it sucks that SO MANY things link back to Facebook. You've got to be careful where you comment, what you like, etc...because it can all end up being linked to your Facebook.

Sites always request that you confirm that they are allowed to link to your facebook account, so you must've overlooked it. To be safe, log out of your facebook account when doing embarrassing things because it asks you to log in to link it, then you will know.

bfsd42 20

Log out of Facebook!!!!!!!!! That's about the craziest thing I've ever heard.

You're new here, aren't you?