Don't do drugs, kids

By Anonymous - 08/11/2013 17:43 - United States - Omaha

Today, I've been awake for nearly three days due to homework and my mom's wedding preparations, so I took some Adderall to keep me awake at school. I took too much, totally zoned out in class, became hopelessly fascinated by my own hand, and was accused of doing drugs. FML
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Well... You kind of were doing "drugs" if you want to get technical. That does rather suck.

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Not exactly a false accusation.


Well... You kind of were doing "drugs" if you want to get technical. That does rather suck.

No, adderall is a drug. No ifs, ands, or buts..

In the UK it's a Class B drug. That's completely illegal and arrest worthy.

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I think #15 meant there's no need to "get technical" about it - OP was doing drugs. Not "kind of" doing drugs

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I meant I didn't use them in a way to excuse what she did, that's how I usually see the "no ifs or buts" thing. I was not making any excuses for her.

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It's illegal in the states without a prescription as well.

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definitely a drug. pretty similar to meth on a molecular level actually.

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@106 That doesnt make its effects the same, even a only slightly different chemical structure can mean completely different effects. Don't compare dex to ice, dex helps a lot of people, and is not really addictive. Ice ruins lives and fries your brain.

The thing about this particular case is that OP was using a controlled substance that was obviously not prescribed to her. If it were, the adderall (an ADHD medication) would have calmed her down, as opposed to "help stay awake" as it does for people without ADHD. In short, she was using a partly-legal substance that was not prescribed to her to achieve a purpose opposite of what the drug its used for. It was illegal, hands down, 100%. YDI, OP.

Why does OP even have Adderol unless he has ADHD.

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Not exactly a false accusation.

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Haha I know! The only thing cooler than abusing a prescription drug by taking it inappropriately is bragging about it on the Internet, right? Your username is exceedingly accurate. The latter part, at least.

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@3 People with ADHD, like me, take these stimulant medications to get our focus just to normal levels, which is a small thing to ask. Then theres f-wits like you who use it for unfair advantage. And btw, dexamphetamine doesnt do shit except make your brain run faster, even if you snort it,Enjoy being the clown who thinks hes cool by overdosing on meds his GP gave him. You're probably dont even know where to get coke or much less have the balls or the money to try it. Drugs my ass. Give the meds back to the doc, so someone who needs them can get them. Idiot.

Did you just say that to a trauma surgeon?

I am sorry, my frustration with 3 blinded my vision. Please ignore.

and since we r bashing you....your profile picture is ridiculous. put a shirt on!

And this is why we people with ADHD can't have nice things because of people like you 3

That's DEXTROamphetamine, and Adderall also has amphetamine in it. And for someone like me, who has most of the symptoms without ever having a diagnosis, it actually does do wonders. About the "unfair advantage" go whine about something more worth-while, if as you say it does nothing more than make your brain run faster then it's not much of an "unfair advantage".

I've never understood why people brag about taking adderall at a party. Like what, are you about to go do some homework? I'm prescribed vyvanse and it's probably the last thing I would take if I was trying to have a good time at a party. Just saying.

WHY are you topless in your profile picture?!

let me explain for a person with ADD/ADHD in proper doses addys increase focus but in a high dose or in one without the condition it feels a little like cocaine...i had my experimental days

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Adderall (or whatever you called it) is a drug. And overdosing is drug abuse, so the school got it right for once.

This drug is actually a very minor dose of a much bigger drug called speed... And even if you take it like your are suppose to it can have lasting consequences

I know I was prescribed it for several years

OP probably would have been fine if she had taken less. Alternatively , she could have just had some caffeine like a normal person—or just some sleep.

Adderall is a drug for ADD. I have it, and I've accidentally overdosed before, because my brother also has it but takes a higher dose. I don't take it anymore because it prevents my sleep too much, but I think we need more info before we judge.

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Caffeine doesn’t work on everyone. And now everyone can sleep without problems either.

Aw op :( get some sleep, it's not good for you! Hope you're less stressed soon

Next time have a red bull. It gives you wings.

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#70, and Walt is the one who knocks...

66, I once had an experience with an overdose on pseudoephedrine, one of the major components of meth. My sister had purchased Sudafed for me for a nasty sinus infection, and I didn't know my mom had told her to get the controlled stuff with the pseudoephedrine in it. A week after the infection, I woke up at 3 AM and started sneezing from my allergies. Facing work in a few hours and desperate to get back to sleep, I took 4 Sudafed and 1 Benadryl. The Sudafed cleared my sinuses, the Benadryl helped me sleep, and all was well. A few hours later, I woke up and took the new allergy med I was starting that day: Allegra D. That also has pseudoephedrine in it. I realized my mistake about an hour later, when my body went into overdrive at work. For several hours, I was jittery, tachycardic, and unable to focus or even sit down. I cleaned the entire office from top to bottom between customers, and talked so quickly people couldn't understand me. I felt like garbage until it wore off, and have been exceedingly careful to never do that again. tl;dr - the feeling meth would give you is bad, I would never drink or take anything that can be described as "legal meth".