By Anonymous - / Saturday 16 February 2013 00:39 / Italy - Milan
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Dude, at least your mom didn't call your crush's parents and try to set up a playdate. WE WERE FOURTEEN! Even worse, the girl told the WHOLE 8th grade! I can't believe I liked that bitch.

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Either it's just me or 2 was being verrryyyy sarcastic. Thumb me down for the following, BUT... You kids do not understand sarcasm when you read it on fml and it's slightly ironic.


I have no idea why this comment got down voted I seriously doubt that #2 actually meant it. Cant that many people not understand sarcasm. Must be people out there just like sheldon cooper.


When I was in high school, my brother told a guy on the basketball team that I had a crush on him. I totally did...in 5th grade. I guess it's best to keep these things to ourselves.

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