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Today, while at the store with my mom, we ran into the girl I recently confessed to being interested in. My mom decided to shout, "IS THAT HER?! IS THAT THE GIRL YOU LIKE?!" Embarrassed, I desperately told her to be quiet. She grounded me for being "rude" to her. FML
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My mom has been **** blocking me since 1996.

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Parents can be so embarassing. My mom does this sort of stuff on purpose...


My mom has been **** blocking me since 1996.

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Read it in an old jewish lady voice and it frickin hilarious

At least all of your friends dont want to **** your mom, she always wondered why I never had friends over growing up

yes, I feel your pain. my friends try to seduece my mom and I'm like... gtfo of my house lol.

Dude, at least your mom didn't call your crush's parents and try to set up a playdate. WE WERE FOURTEEN! Even worse, the girl told the WHOLE 8th grade! I can't believe I liked that bitch.

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"One where she can accompany so she can get enjoyment out of it too." Either it's me or this line just gives of some unhealthy, unfortunate implications.

Either it's just me or 2 was being verrryyyy sarcastic. Thumb me down for the following, BUT... You kids do not understand sarcasm when you read it on fml and it's slightly ironic.

I have no idea why this comment got down voted I seriously doubt that #2 actually meant it. Cant that many people not understand sarcasm. Must be people out there just like sheldon cooper.

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Parents can be so embarassing. My mom does this sort of stuff on purpose...

#3 that is why when I get a girlfriend (someday . . .) I'm not going to tell my parents, to avoid them from doing stuff like this,

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Never tell your mom about personal stuff like that, they'll ruin it all the time... It's like what #1 said lol

My mom still gives me a hard time about the crush I had in seventh. I guess parents have to have fun too. :/

When I was in high school, my brother told a guy on the basketball team that I had a crush on him. I totally 5th grade. I guess it's best to keep these things to ourselves.

man, this is why you're not supposed to tell your parents anything.

This happens to everyone, don't worry OP!

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She just was trying to prime the pump. She wants grandkids before she dies and your pathetic shyness is killing her chances.

My mom always asks me stuff and its just best to not tell them cause it always backfires