By Anonymous - 25/03/2009 20:40 - United States

Today, my mother asked me if my boyfriend and I were getting serious. I quickly lied and said no. She then informed me that if things ever heated up that she would take me to get birthcontrol. Wanting birthcontrol, I confessed. In turn she grounded me. I am not allowed to see my boyfriend anymore. FML
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that's why you never tell parents the truth.

you can get it for free without parental permisson.....


that's why you never tell parents the truth.

haha parent psychology

I hate parents. Especially my Asian parents. (I'm not spoilt or selfish or any of that, they're just mean)


I don't even know how to vote on this one.

Vote both?

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Agree with #5. She probably grounded you because you lied. Lol. Deserved. If you make up a story, stick to it. And don't lie in the first place.

I second #2. I mean, it's as simple as asking at your next check-up. I love doctor-patient confidentiality. You could tell your doc you're a coke head and it's giving you heart palpatations and they can't tell your parents shit.

Except patient confidentiality only works on people over the age of 18 or 16 in my country, patient confidentiality doesn't count on minors

you can get it for free without parental permisson.....

the bitch mom lied too. where's the birth control?

Clearly it runs in the family

Well, its not a requirement anymore

haha wow, you could've gotten BC yourself. nice work! go get it so you can have it for the next guy lol yeah, #2 already said it

i think you should go out and get pregnant. that will show her.

gahahhaha spool true