How very dare you?

By 1357katie - 19/09/2009 04:22 - Canada

Today, I told my mom about the couple of times that I'd skipped classes during high school. She got really mad and grounded me for a month. That would usually be normal except for the fact that I'm 27 and live in my own apartment. FML
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So if you live in your own apartment, how is this a FML? Just don't listen. Duh. I know 13 year olds who know how to rebel against a grounding in their own home better than this.

Tell me you didn't adhere to it.


This is hilarious, I'm at a loss as to how to respond. FYL. Or if you actually adhered to it - YDI.

YDI for skipping classes

Why is FML full of such straight-edge wankers?

Straight-edge? Wtf does that have to do with anything?

Because they all seem like spineless losers. I mean come on! Are you really going to let your mother push you around when you're 27 and you live on your own for something you did a decade ago!?

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that has nothing to do with straight edge! that's the opposite of straight actually. fuck off.

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edit: the opposite of straight edge*

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no one cares if you are first

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it so annoying how people always bag on someone for saying FIRST. everyone does it and you know that you would do it too if u were 1st

11- Atleast he has his own place thought...

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DaiCarmuhh 6


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75 is such a rebel

Just tell her no and get out. Rebelling silently isn't really going to help. You need to show her she doesn't control you.

Tell me you didn't adhere to it.

like only retard would. seriously. beside, only a retarded mum would ground a 27 kid

Number 82 really likes the word retard, doesn't he?

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82, using retard like that is an insult to mentally ill people

So if you live in your own apartment, how is this a FML? Just don't listen. Duh. I know 13 year olds who know how to rebel against a grounding in their own home better than this.

You have a choice, its not like she has you on 24 hour surveillance or anything... Does she? Oh well, FYL And YDI :P

Something tells me she was just joking. So YDI for not knowing how to take a joke

So just don't listen...?

Hahahaha! u can't get grounded past the age of 18 so this is not a FYL situation. YDI..However if u actually take it seriously and are afraid of your mom then YDI and FYL cuz you are too old to be grounded, end of story!

No I'm pretty sure he means FML because his mom still treats him like a kid. If we go deeper for all we know his mom is delusional and still thinks that he IS a kid, which is very sad and kind of reminds me of the mom in Requiem for a Dream :( ____________________________

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Requiem of a Dream is awesome, all those D.A.R.E. programs and stuff were boring as hell, I saw RoaD adn was like "Heeeeelllllll no, no drugies for me pleaze."

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If you live with your parents, no matter how old you are, they can still ground you. Their house, their rules. (But seeing as this is not the case... well, I'm assuming the only FML is that it sucks your mom treats you like a kid. :P But that's what parents do, so...)

at #46 you are an idiot the movie is requiem for a dream not of a dream and you made it an acronym which means you are a probably have never seen the movie and you just go along with every one else who told you it was good...dude who made the post: grow a pair and tell your mom to suck a fat one

You're a stupid prick

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Um... she can't ground you if you don't live there.

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well then, that's just dumb.

Im 14 and in hih school. This is something my mom would do. Im gonna move out first.

Hopefully in high school they teach you the wonders of grammar and sentence structure.