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Today, I was cutting a client's hair, and she was complaining about how itchy her head was from having it too long. As I lay down my comb and shears, three lice bugs ran across my counter. FML
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wow! at a couple of these comments. For one anyone who say I should have done a full inspection...really? You have had time to thoroughly inspect each client? You must have never been busy. I was so busy that morning I didnt shampoo my client, secondly I didnt even brush her hair out before i did the cut. When she sat in my chair her hair hit thr floor. she asks for one length, straight across her back. now she had very dark hair and any cosmetologist knows its easier to see in lighter hair. I had a cutting comb so I must have brushed some out as i drug my comb down to length to do my cut check. I was almost on my knees trying to cut this hair. Anyways its was properly handled, i left that station and everything there until the salon was empty and I used barbacide on the whole place and my utensils. Plus any cosmetologist knows once I start cutting that head, I cant stop even if I see the infestation, I have to finish, and follow company and state guidelines.

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Walk away. Just walk away and tell her to stop by the store on the way home.

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Well that's a hairy situ.... Just kidding. But seriously, that sucks. Time to disinfect the whole place?


Walk away. Just walk away and tell her to stop by the store on the way home.

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Tell her they sell this stuff called Rid, it's supposed to work wonders with lice apparently.

People can get lice from anywhere. I got it from working at Target and putting clothes away when I was younger. Be kind! People who get lice are not dirty (in fact they LOVE clean hair), but they sure do feel dirty and they don't need your help with that. Just give her a couple remedies that could work (I know none of the poisons worked for me ever, I ended up having to douse my head in tea tree oil for them to go away after poisoning my scalp over and over to no avail).

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Mayonnaise is really great at killing them, and it makes your hair feel fantastic. No joke. I use mayonnaise treatments just for the awesome feeling afterwards.

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Reading this is making my head itch.

aaaaaaaaaaand you're out of business...

DDT works the best, but you gotta make your own.

#113 It's pretty much the human equivalent to a tick? Only they're not dangerous, they just bite your scalp which makes it itch. Only they only live in your hair on your head generally.. Although my dad did get them in his armpits once when I was younger..

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Well that's a hairy situ.... Just kidding. But seriously, that sucks. Time to disinfect the whole place?

We had lice in our school once. You just have to bag everything up, and quarantine that station for awhile. That's why you should always to a check on the hair first!

A) Lice don't "run". B) They're nearly invisible. This seems like a fake in my opinion.

Hopefully she wasn't planning on donating her hair

I always wondered what would happend to a hairdresser if one of the clients spread all over the place.. I'd recommend to give her a nice bottle of lice-removing shampoo and to cook the used combs etc.

I'm a barber. When you find lice, you're supposed to immediately stop the haircut (even if it's incomplete), tell them what the problem is and advise them on solution options, then close your shop, and clean and disinfect everything. -Everything-.

actually everything used on that client had to be thrown away. there can't be any chance of spreading it at all. at least according to Arizona state board rules.

On first glance I thought you said suggest she cook the lice.. Haha

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...By the lice. The even have tiny official looking badges!

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I've heard that olive or tea tree oil is good too. Even dying your hair the same colour may work. Something about lice not liking processed hair. That why most prefer young kids' virgin hair. :P And I hope the OP kicked her out of the salon quick. Those buggers can infest the place easily.

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12- tea tree oil works wonders. If you currently have lice, about 10-15 drops randomly placed all over the head, put a shower cap on, and microwave a wet towel until is pretty hot. Wrap towel around shower cap, wait 5 mins and repeat for about 30 minutes. The fumes kill the lice instantly. But the eggs will remain. You re treat every few days for about 2 weeks and the problem will be gone. You can also make a spray using teat rebook and water, spray on your hair around the back of your ears, base of neck at the hair line mostly, and a few squirts all over. It'll keep them from getting on your head at all. How do I know you ask? Personal experience, after my family fostered children.

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Teat brook= tea tree oil. Clumsy thumbs!

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Last comment I swear, got a little ahead of myself apparently. The tea tree oil is much healthier for your hair than lice killing 'shampoos'. The shampoos stress your hair, kill it, and chemically burns it. They use tea tree oil in shampoos because of the healing qualities it has:)

One bit of advice: Tea tree essential oil doesn't dilute in water. They may seem to, but they don't really mix. To dilute it -- tea tree essential oil is very strong on its own -- mix with a carrier oil (e.g. olive oil or coconut oil would be fine).

#6 is not wrong actually. Real thick mayo in the head and wrapped up with a plastic bag or a shower cap will kill the lice. They suffocate. After you use a small metal brush on your hair, the lice come out dried out (like flattened out). It's messy but it really does work.

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She brought lice to a hair salon. Her head had obviously been itchy for some time, but she didn't bother to try and find out if something was wrong. The customer's irresponsibility just created major problems for OP, so yes, the customer DID do something wrong. In fact, she did quite a few things wrong.

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Why would the customer think that long hair is what's causing her head to itch so much? FYL, OP

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Sometimes when its hot and I have my hair pulled back in a bun it gets itchy where all the hair is piled on my head from mild heat rash. Maybe she thought it was something like that?

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Any reputable hair salon disinfects all equipment between clients. A licenced beautician would never even think of using another's comb or scissors.

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I can feel her pain. I once had lice on my crotch. I couldn't seem to get them to go away, so I put on these tights to suffocate them. Problem solved.

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Pubic lice are crabs... You are a dirty mofo or you date skanks. Oh, same thing!

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And you obviously didn't catch his sarcasm

Lice on your crotch? Please. Don't downplay your crabs!

Yes, my thoughts exactly. That is called crabs, Hun. And.. Just.. Ew.

People's animals get fleas, people's heads get lice, people's crotches get crabs. They're all just pests that are very annoying to get rid of, and often are passed without knowledge until it's too late and there's an infestation.