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Today, after my boyfriend promised he wasn't cheating on me, I ran into him at our favorite coffee shop with the girl I suspected him of cheating with. When I confronted them, he acted like he didn't know me. FML
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That was his evil twin brother, obviously.

Take the espresso lane out of that relationship.


Really? I thought this would be the best feeling in the world! I'd he ecstatic..

You okay, 1? I thought this would hurt the OP, but if it hurt you I wanna make sure you're good too.

Brutal more like! How does someone end up with a guy like that, I truly don't understand it.. Don't be desperate OP! There is much better out there for you, and you deserve much better than the likes of him. Be happy you got rid of filth from your life.

I'd rather know how you end up AS a guy like that. Don't people have a sense of guilt? Empathy for the people they're betraying? Common decency?

Ah.. I already understand people and how they feed off their own negativity.. They simply turn out that way from their conditioning as a child.. Experiences they've been through.. Unless they surrounded themselves around positivity, those types of people won't open their eyes to the reality around them. Doesn't make it okay, but it's good to have an understanding to be able to handle such a person in whichever circumstances, and how to avoid such beings from your own life. They aren't incapable of understanding how to change, but definitely aren't intuitive

My guess is its genetic. Too bad there is no rehab for being a douche

Sorry #78, but you'd be wrong... People aren't just born assholes.. They've been taught through growing up and watching/being in the crossfires of an asshole, to become such an asshole.. It's not always the case however, sometimes, through witnessing that behaviour or falling victim to it, it really gets you to observe it, look closely into the characteristics so you know what to expect encountering another being like so.. And that's where being intuitive plays in.. I just blame it on the system.. We would have happier people around in the world if certain things didn't follow the cycle we've been on since the 1800's. And if people were happier.. It would create a ripple.. Decreasing the number of idiots and assholes.

#48 these people are children of people who dont believe in spanking. def.

Normally I just linger in the shadows reading the fml's and then the mostly hilarious comments .. thank you all for that, you make my day! #48 - I felt the need to address your comment. I have 2 beautiful, talented, driven children who were raised without me ever laying my hands or anything else on them. For a grown person to hit a child who is obviously much smaller and weaker than you is despicable. How would you like some badass big biker dude named tiny to kick the crap out you when you make a mistake? My apologies for jacking the thread .. back to lurking :)

Wow #110... Did you honestly type that... Spanking is not the solution.... I'm really hoping that was just a stupid comment of sarcasm, and if not.. Please, fall off the face of the earth and never bare a child, you'd be an awful parent if you thought spanking your child is a good way to show discipline...

110 - Not to generalize, but studies show that lower income and lower educated parents are more likely to use corporal punishment on their children. Studies also show that children of low income, low education parents are more likely to be sexually promiscuous. Seems like the complete opposite of what you're saying.

Are you serious? I was smacked as a child and you know what? It taught me right from wrong. Not disciplining kids has turned this generation of teenagers into a group of degenerate, disrespectful wankers. A generation where 14-15 year olds MURDER a 28 year old (who was protecting a younger girl) and say they did nothing wrong. What in the hell were their parents doing? Coz it sure as hell didn't work. And I'll bet they weren't smacked either. My parents were amazing parents and still are. I don't fault them for smacking/spanking me, and I don't fault other parents for doing so, because then the kids grow up with a sense of right and wrong.

I cheated on an ex of mine, because I fell for my current boyfriend. I was extremely guilty, so I told him, and we broke up. So to answer your question, to become a cheater, is just like tripping. You don't even see it coming, but once you've done it, you can't reverse it. Be honest, tell them, and figure it out from there. If OP' s boyfriend truly loved her, he wouldnt have fallen for the other girl.

@110 I'm sick of people making generalizations like that. Some parents spank their kids, some don't and that's okay. A kid doesn't turn out messed up just because their parents don't spank them, most kids whose parents never laid a hand on them turned out just fine and most kids that were spanked turned out just fine as well. The problem is when parents don't discipline their children properly, positive reinforcement is important too.

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I thought that rule only applied to the females? She is clearly overreacting here!

Good rule, I better write that one down.

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It sure is a good thing Siri doesn't have eyes for my girlfriend to make eye contact with then.

My girlfriend used to have eyes, but then I stopped playing with sock puppets so I'm in the clear now

That was his evil twin brother, obviously.

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Sorry... But you should have offered a threesome


Someone watches a little too much ****. Try getting off the computer and into the real world, where stuff like that does not happen! As Red Foreman would say, "dumbass!"

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Says the guy with friking yu-gi-oh as his profile pics.

4, You're insane. Unless you were attempting to make a joke (which sucked), you honestly think if OP offered a threesome, her boyfriend wouldn't cheat??? I don't believe in physical violence but I would have slapped him, then showed the girl that I had his name, number, and pictures of us together in my phone. Then it would be up to the other girl to leave his ass. If she didn't care and stayed with him, down the road, she will get cheated on and a taste of her own medicine.

Wow what a complete doucher. But I guess now you know...

Time to find a new boyfriend. Sorry OP.

You mean "Time to be a strong, independent woman and live for yourself"? :p

37, thank you! People need time to recover from a break up before jumping into a new relationship. If they don't then, usually but not always, the issues the person had to deal with, in their last relationship carry onto the next. Right from the start, there will be trust issues and that isn't fair to their partner.

Or that too, lol, sounds like a better idea to me! ^_^

Take the espresso lane out of that relationship.

Shoulda whipped and/or creamed his ass first though...

I saw espresso and immediately thought the best solution was to dump his espresso on his lap. Wish her good luck and walk out. It's the grown up thing to do, after all.

Time to act like you never knew him either.

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best comment on this fml! way to give op inspiration!

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Show his date a picture of both of you if you have one.

I'd ask her if he told her about his std yet. :)

^ Haha! I love it! Ask if he's had any break outs from his herpies because it looked flared up last night.

Don't worry; sooner or later he'll cheat on her, too. He's a loser. Move on!

yep! if he'll cheat WITH her, he'll cheat ON her!

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Or she'll cheat on him. Show him how much it hurts.

Hopefully she cheats on him first. He deserves some of his own medicine. Scumbag.