Today, I was at the extremely crowded gym when someone came up behind me and shouted in my ear scaring the living shit out of me. I jump into a karate pose in front of everyone. No one was behind me. It was a new song starting on my headphones. A trainer asked me if I needed an ambulance. FML
By dearme / Tuesday 2 June 2009 01:53 / United States
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By  boatiebanter  |  0

How do you not know that it's a song you have, why were your headphones on so loud, and did you forget you were wearing headphones between one song ending and the next one beginning?

  8trickster8  |  0

Maybe it was on shuffle, the song she was listening to before was a quiet song so she got used to the low volume, and the song that came on started loudly and abruptly.