By sunkissedberries - 15/07/2010 04:12 - United States

Today, I ran into my boyfriend. The same guy that told me he was still in Florida with his family. FML
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Screw the scumbag Op. Be glad you find out what a scumbag he really is before you got married or something.


Screw the scumbag Op. Be glad you find out what a scumbag he really is before you got married or something.

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What a coincidence, you can run into anyone in the world and it's your bf. Great timing. :P

um idk what to say about that but you should just end that relationship with that man if you guys are still together aand stop taking other people ideas about there fml

wow this is the first time the first comment didn't get commented on a billion times

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wooow op that sucks. dump him asap!! cause of he lies about one thing he could be lieng about another. trust is very important in any relationship. trust me:(

Wow, 54 is still obsessed about commenting on the first comment.

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I've read like 50 fmls that are just like this one.

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there is a reason these things happen

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op is short for opp which stands for other peoples... u fill in the blank, naw I'm just yankin on yur leg. it stands for original poster

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And girls are *****,cheaters,decievers and also liars too. So whats ur point?

today, I came back home early after a horrible trip to Florida with my family so I could surprise my girlfriend, now she thinks I lied to her about being in Florida...FML.

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hey hey someone talk to me

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Charlie, you have the prettiest hair I've ever seen =]

two things. one: youre so right. two: i think youre wicked cute.

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Maybe he didn't know how to break up with you?...

Running away from the relationship not only keeps the girl/guy guessing, but is basically the equivalent of middle school dating: it doesn't work and it's immature.

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EARLY FLIGHT HOME!!!!?? :P But in all honesty if he was just lying to you that's really low on his part... =/

haha if i was yu i woulda smacked him and dumpd him! :P