By anonymous - United States - Staten Island
Today, after getting a new haircut, I decided to take a few photos. I set up my iPhone in my room and began posing. It wasn't until numerous shots later that I realized my phone had posted every picture to Facebook, and they were all over everyone's newsfeed. FML
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  OptimusVader  |  23

Or, just don't broadcast every miniscule part of your life that barely even matters to every person you know (who probably don't care in the first place) as well as several people that you probably don't know and accepted requests from anyway. That would solve a lot of problems.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

1, she's probably one of those people who shouldn't have a smart phone because she can't handle it. She probably doesn't even know there were settings.

By  petshark  |  4

what kind of phone do you own?

  BulldogHoops  |  14

You know, 51, insulting somebody's intelligence and saying "mabey" in the same sentence is a tad ridiculous.

Look in the dictionary and maybe you'll find something. "MAYBE", DIPSH*T!

  juwood  |  7

The "y" is a full 2 letters out of place, so I think you hit more than "a wrong key." You ballsed it up. No big deal, just try harder next time.

  arsenicalhumor  |  30

I find it a Tad bit humorous how in the Policy Of FmyLife, it says to re-read posts before sending them out. I think it even has a warning as to if you don't, there is a chance that you will be corrected. So in a sense.. I guess people shouldn't get so vunerable over their irrelevant posts..