By anonymous - 19/10/2011 12:19 - Australia

Today, my best friend who I have known for ten years recommended I didn't continue a relationship with my girlfriend. I thought she wanted to go out with me which I was hoping for, for a long time. Turns out she wanted to go out with her. FML
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sseberly 11

Talk about a twist in the plot of that story.

now that sir, is a slap to the balls


Streeet_hayley 6

Her plan blows if OP's girlfriend isnt gay.


Curiosity killed the pussy

Ohh awkward :/

xomaddixo 1

What a bitch, but if you broke up with your girlfriend for her you kinda deserve it

How did she know OP's girlfriend was bi? Except.. If OP's a girl...

xSniperx_fml 5

Wow, sorry OP, that really blows, hope everything works out in the end :D

jessie12198 0


Lesbians, they make our world go 'round.

larry12693 1

what if OPs a girl?

You didn't read the username, did you?

punkin_26 16

Well Anonymous is a unisex name like Jean or Bobbi so that doesn't really help.

HowAreYouToday 34

I'm sorry op. You couldn't really see that coming...

Is it weird I thought OPs best friend was a female at first?

McAninch35 9

She is. That's kinda the point...

You have to admit, this FML is kind of confusing, it still blows though.. or actually it doesn't, that's the whole point!

jvillan87 5

I refuse to admit it....because you're a moron. It says, "Turns out she wanted to go out with her." What's confusing about that?

faulty gaydar.

minecraft_fml 4


no the op couldnt have seen this coming however im guessing the way he found out is by dumping his gf hoping to go out with the girl he mentioned. as such i have to say ydi.

Better luck next time, OP. Next time ask why.

m0tl3ycru3 0

Didn't you know your friend was lesbian?

exactly what I was gonna say #3

exactly what I was gonna say #3

sseberly 11

Talk about a twist in the plot of that story.

now that sir, is a slap to the balls

jessie12198 0


I have a feeling that OP is a girl... So there was no slapping of the balls.

superangryandy 2

Slap to the ovaries?

lovin how that has 69 likes .

KayleighRenee 0

Nobody ruin it

Steal her back!

"I miss you. I want you back." "You broke up with me yesterday." "I know, and the only reason I did was so I could hook up with my best friend. Turns out she wants you instead." *SLAP* "You're a dick. Fuck off." Somehow I don't see "stealing her back" as a viable option, especially if honesty is involved. On the other hand, if you have to lie to someone in order to give things another shot, it probably isn't going to work out anyway because the truth will show it's ugly face at some point.

csickcman 11

Then push for a three-way?!?

Agree. I know there's a Chinese proverb that goes something like "Ride the cow while looking for a horse" I don't think it's supposed to apply to partners. Although now that I see it written down....

or seventh :P

kcircuses2 4

^youre an idiot

i know right the OP is a fucking dumbass

nick347b 6

He's talking about you.

21- no shit Sherlock

nick347b 6

That was directed at 19 since he's either too dumb to notice or too much of an idiot to admit it.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

32, His original comment was dumb and annoying, but I'm pretty sure he was trying to weasel out of the insult on purpose with his other one.

jessie12198 0


what a douche

130 who invited you?

ninjuh_wingman 29

You just got screwed by your best friend


Ah, but he actually didn't, and probably never will.

Sadly, only figuratively.

Numeral 4

Take charge and have em both!

"You're both my bitches now. Number 1, get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich. Number 2, make yourself useful and get me the tv remote and a beer, then go mow the yard." Sexism at it's finest.

Or ask for a threesome. ;)

CyonideCyns 0

Or DEMAND a threesome :)

wikkedphuka 0

u di realize the op is a woman as well right?...... ? men cabt do anything with out being stupid

186- It was a joke. Chill the fuck out, and learn to spell. Reading your comment made my eyes hurt.

Wait so you had a girlfriend but wanted to go out with your best friend? Ydi..

Lots of people are trapped in the friend zone. Its not weird. It happens when you're being nice to a girl but you do not make it clear you wanna go out, so you become a friend of hers (or best friend in this case).

For ten years? It's irrelevant anyway. If you're in a relationship and you're not interested then scrub off.