By sucker - United States - Milton
Today, after months of believing my marriage has been better than ever, I found out that my husband has been cheating on me with our neighbor. I can't afford to move, and I have to see the fake-titted homewrecker every day. FML
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By  Athleticism  |  11

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  dcg1375  |  7

You don't have to afford to move. Kick him out. Take him for half of what he's worth and call it a day. You will probably sell the house in the process and split all the assets....basically, get a lawyer. You have assets to pay for it.

  Osito2011  |  9

125 that is easier said then done. You need money for a lawyer, and prof that op husband had broken there valves and sleep with the woman. Also, Op might have signed a prenuptial agreement before her and her Douche bag of a husband got married. If they did op isn't going to get jack.


I always found that wrong. You don't take any of the others stuff unless they are children or your fucking poor. Marriage is equal so then during termination you just get your shit back. As long as you do the equal partnership thing right. Nobody gets robbed of anything but children!

  Jezlovespink  |  5

op there are several ways to deal with this 1. kick cheater out 2. you can move into a homeless shelter until you have enough for your own place 3. beat the home-recker until her fake tits bust 4. put a restraining order on both home-recker and cheater 5. if you can't afford the bills by yourself then back to #2 or ask mom and dad/friends if they are around 6. make cheater and whores life miserable 7. go get waisted 8. go to the club bring a few hot guys home n start an after party can always find different ways to get help its ok to party n get drunk sometimes just don't turn to it and make it your life k go have some fun release stress while your going through it doesn't have to be the end of the world....hopefully there are no kids invovled....its a lot harder

  MizzErikaHart  |  8

71, its totally the husbands fault. What would the neighbor care if the guy is married or not if she wants to have sex with him? Sure it's kind of wrong but ops husband has the responsibility of being faithful since he married her. The neighbor can have sex with whoever she wants and it's messed up that she chose a married man but ops husband could've said no.

  doodlecloud  |  26

Good god 71, I bet you're the kind of person who blames women for getting raped too. I would hate to be your girlfriend (or actually, any woman close to you).

  Zedd_fml  |  8

66- in NY, building demolition crew found a body buried in a building foundation, came with suspect's DNA, not recommended.

Recommend watching Dexter/ Breading bad, good body hiding references.

  hunteer9  |  5

Sink the body, where I live people get drunk and drown and are never seen again. Wrap about thirty feet of chain around him and throw him into a deep lake. The fish and micro organisms will turn him into bones relatively quickly.

  RoBi1475  |  0

Honestly as long as you dont do something as momumentally stupid as bury them in the backyard or brag about your crime, it doesnt matter where you hide the body statistically the majority of bodies that are buried are never found. As long as you keep your mouth shut you should be good.


A home-wrecker is someone who has an affair with a married man or women. Yes ops husband is a cheating douche-bag but that's what he is a cheater. As for her neighbor she knew op husband was married but had an affair anyway. Thus making her a home-wrecking bitch.

  lacespace  |  8

Is that your motto? Well although your very tempting-with your posted phone number and all-I'd have to say your motto makes me question you, and I'm not willing to bone to test my theory.

  berichsoon  |  11

7- delete your number off your profile, get off FML, grow some balls, go find a nice girl in your high school, then take her to the movies or something. You seem to come here for the wrong reasons.

  gage27  |  5

Y'all are crazy! I have a nice girl... That doesn't mean I don't like fake boobs. I think that's generally liked haha.... And my number is on my profile? Oh thanks for telling me, let me take it off and not talk to anybody like you lifeless Internet addicted fucks. I don't come here for the wrong reason. Fun. Like its supposed to be. Obviously you have too much care and respect for this website haha!

By  xalba  |  9

I would make her life a living hell until she moved. I know you have to try and be mature about it but she deserves to be treated like shit and I hope your husband is now your ex husband. Once a cheater always a cheater. I don't understand why people chose to cheat -_-

  junkman6  |  22

Maturity my ass cockroaches infest places fast and I'm sure you can find a mother load of them not all that far from your house. Hint- old meat a fish tank and a small ramp next to a dumpster they come in after the rotting food and can't climb out. Diabolical disgusting and mean I vote you do it.

  kitsy  |  14

Why? It is possible that she didn't know that OP's husband was married. I know she's a neighbor but if I met somebody on in my neighborhood and they didn't tell me about their life, I would assume they weren't married.