By Anonymous - Australia - Engadine
Today, some kid decided to pee in the kids' play area at work. Because I was the shortest employee working at the time, I got to climb through the area to mop it up, while all the kids pointed and laughed at me. FML
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  livamour  |  17

I used to work at an amusement park as a ride attendant and had to clean up pee tons of times. The "janitors" never cleaned up they just picked up litter around the park.

  wooboo608  |  1

I used to work at Target (not as a janitor) and I had to clean up pee and vomit lots of times too... This one time a person peed all over the underwear in the menswear section. It was messed up


I hate that goddamn annoying line that if you work a job that is stigmatized as 'demeaning' that you don't have an education, hell, you got people coming out of college looking for jobs and they take what pays the bills.

  CptZoe  |  10

Should've thought out your comment? Have you seen the economy lately, it's impossible to find a job, whether you have a degree or a phd or don't. Get a grip.

  TheFamilyElf  |  17

45- even if that's true, usually it's something like, "Sorry guys, autocorrect :P" or "Well I have (insert random issue nobody needs to hear about) so I'm justified to say whatever I want!"

I appreciate people that can admit they were wrong.


No, 45. If he were "covering his ass to avoid further hate," he'd be making up excuses and other nonsense in a vain and deluded attempt to justify what he said. Instead, he admitted his mistake and took the scorn we already gave him like a man. It's sad to watch a 13-year-old be a better, more respectable person than an 18-year-old.


6's comment made me laugh. You get 1 thumbs up among the ocean of downs now :) granted there may be no correlation to education and work performed by people, it was clever and we all think it.

By  SApprentice  |  33

You should have started laughing back at them, really aggressively and loudly. They would have become stressed and scared, and shut up for you.

That would probably have gotten you in trouble though, so maybe it's best that you didn't.

  PipingMouse  |  14

OP's Boss: Go clean up the kids place, one of them had an accident.
OP: Okay...
Kids: Hahahah...hahahaha! *points*
Kids: O .O Run!!!