By Anonymous - 26/11/2014 12:09 - South Africa - Pinetown

Today, my little brother learned about mortality when our dog died. Since then, he's gone a little nuts and keeps ranting that he sees no point as to why our other dog should live. He's 16. FML
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If she meant the dog she would have said "was". Unless u mean the other dog

Hiimhaileypotter 52

They clearly said "other dog."

that's what I was thinking, not necessarily a bad thing if the kid doesn't start hurting others.

I blame the school system.. Haha no but really OP, all of you need to watch your backs now lol

run before he decided no one should live.

That sucks op. Maybe keep your other dog away from your brother until your brother stops grieving.

Shadowvoid 33

Everyone keeps saying OP should keep an eye on her living dog, but I think everyone should keep an eye on her brother. P.S. How did he just learn about mortality? Or is it just his first experience with it?

I agree, her brother is more important and this really could be the start of a very serious mental disorder. I'd say go see a psych or councillor and go from there.

People react differently to grief, just make sure the dog is safe, your brother will come around.

jimmer23 21

That sucks. Death is a tough thing to deal with, especially for the first time. Still though, 16 years old should be better equipped to handle it.

Someone's either homeschooled or doesn't have cable if they don't know about death at 16

I was homeschooled and I knew about death way before I hit 16.

qdawg06 23

The real issue is that he is just now learning about death...