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  TH_Insomniak  |  15

sometimes FML actually makes me mad reading these, like if I had a brother who did half the shit some of the siblings on this site this, I'd beat the shit out of them. then again, not everyone has a parent whod let them like I do.

  misaka11235  |  7

I would. Repeatedly. With unholy amounts of glee. Regardless of parental approval. If someone cuts my violin strings (Which are BLOODY expensive, mind you.) I'll jolly well give them a hospital bill to match.

  tj4234  |  35

Not only that but the sudden release in tension could damage the neck of the instrument (assuming they were cut together or in quick succession). Although any damage would be minor..

  RebeccaRFT  |  18

I don't get why everyone thinks that you can just make your siblings pay for stuff. Usually in FMLs people are living with their siblings, which means they probably aren't adults yet. My brothers don't have jobs. I don't have a job. Not even my step-siblings had a job. So exactly where do you think they're supposed to get money from?

  celestian1998  |  8

#50, if they are willing to break something, they ought to pay for it. Dont have a job? it will suck to be in debt until you do. If you cant take the consequences, dont commit the act.

  GhostFox  |  33

Because children usually have money spent on/given to them for holidays and birthdays. When my brother broke my stuff, my mother took money from whatever she had allotted for his birthday/Christmas gifts, and used it to replace the object. If it would run his "gift fund" into the red, he would still get a gift, but it would be something less impressive than what he would have gotten originally. A few shirts instead of a video game, stuff like that.
Also, people say that the sibling should have to pay for it because them NOT having to do so gives them the impression that they can do whatever they want and regardless of the costs to others, they won't be punished for it. It is called "trying to teach that actions have consequences," and failure to teach it creates monsters in human-flesh suits that prey upon actually decent human beings.