By Crabby - 30/03/2017 17:00 - United Kingdom - Clitheroe

Today, I had to face up to telling the cute guy I just split up with that I have also probably given him pubic lice. FML
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deet124 11

Just tell the truth, no lice.

AzrielB 8

pubic lice are an endangered species due to the scourge of people cutting down their habitat. He should be proud to provide a home to such a noble species!

species4872 19

Sounds like both of you had a lice time.

Read it again. ALSO.... she just broke up with him. That's the "what else".

species4872 19

Duh, the comment was directed at the time when she apparently gave him the lice. Not their last encounter. I would have thought the comment and its implication would have been well understood.

superpandamonium 7

Really? You give the guy crabs and you expect sympothy for your embarrassment? Grow up sweetie.