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Today, my grandma bought me a cemetery plot for my birthday. If that's not weird enough, it's about a two-minute walk from where the rest of my family will be buried. FML
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even in death your family wants to be away from u.

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What's wrong with that? Are you not dying to get your birthday gift?


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wow you should tell us how old you are, because thinking about death before age 50 is kinda odd IMO.

YDI for your grandma buying you a cemetery plot for your birthday. If that's not weird enough, it's about a 2 mile walk from where the rest of your family will be buried.

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old woman wants you dead...RUN FO YOUR LIFEE

your gran gran wants you dead she's prolly out for your money... even though it's usually the other way around :/

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buy her a casket and say happy birthday bitch!

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It isn't weird tho think about death before age 50, I've thought about death, more than I'd like to. But eh nothing weird, if you ask me.

yeah ok 50 is maybe I bit old and tbh I didn't want to put an age on that post... my point is, picking out a gravestone at the age of 16 is weird but I have no idea how old OP is.

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How do you know Op is 16? Thinking about death isn't weird, but picking out a gravestone and choosing a plot early in life is.

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2mile walk? so that's different from a 2mile drive?

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Skroal is hungry, feed the troll!

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cemetery plots are at a premium bc land space is at a premium. ydi for using up precious land just to hold a dead body. get cremated or donate you body to medicine. me ? when I die I'm donating my body to science-horror.

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2mile walk is different from a 2mile drive 'cause driving you can get there in 2 mins but if you're walking it will about 20minsso in conclusion it is further away walking than driving. its the same distance walking or driving, it just takes longer to walk.

Your grandma doesn't have much faith in you, does she?

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who the hell cares where u are buried. u arent alive and maggots and other creatures will end up eating your decaying body anyways.

Run to the hills, run for your life!!!

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by 2mile walk, they probably meant that the cemetary is at a place where you cant drive to, thus having to walk to get there. :o

I wouldn't mind having my plot paid off. :/ To be fair, you never know when you're going to die. Furthermore, the distance could just be because all the other plots near the family have been bought. My father's family plot was divided after my grandmother, grandfather, and great aunt passed: my other great aunt and my great uncle had to be buried about a mile away.

72 makes a good point. If Grandma just found out *how* expensive plots are while settling her own affairs, I can understand why she might think it's a good gift, particularly since it sounds like a lot of family is or will be buried in that cemetary. However, it IS rather morbid, and she assumed a lot by buying it. So many things affecting burial can happen in OP's life, like settling in another country or converting to a religion with burial laws, like Judaism. (S)he could want to be buried next to a spouse, or be creamated, or donate his/her body to science. It's disrespectful to go against someone's wishes after death. My grandmother was buried, though she wanted her body donated. The family wanted to be able to "visit" her. IMO they should've donated her body and bought an empty plot and marker themselves, and used the money she left for what SHE wanted— charity.

shut the **** up!!!!!!!!! stop doing that!!!!

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today I bought my granddaughter a plot in the cemetary and she didn't even say thank you. that ungrateful little b****!

two miles is two miles whether you're walking or driving. sucks either way though.

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ur family must hate u or she was being cheap with graves

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graves are actually kinda expensive.

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not creepy at all ( sarcasm) Run fod your life

even in death your family wants to be away from u.

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That's what I was thinking! Grandma's thinking that when the all become zombies, the family could have great reunions that would be over by the time the loser OP made the long walk. . . zombies move very slowly, y'know.

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You're lucky. What's funny is just this evening I drove by a cemetery and thought how lucky it is for those people to have had family that can afford to put them in the ground and give them a marker. So many people are forgotten- die without family- or family that can afford the expense in burial- so they are forgotten by time. I thought, I'll probably die alone, without family, and be cremated by the county who will dump me in a pile of ashes with other cremains in a pit somewhere. The weird part is the two mile walk. Oh, and the birthday part...but you're still lucky.

That was creepy, but true. Though I had both my grandparents cremated, and they will not be forgotten or put in a pit.

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a 2 mile walk and a 2 mile drive is the same distance. annoying.

i looked into the comments just to see who would say it first.