Caught red-handed

By caught - 09/01/2012 00:43 - United States

Today, I was bored and started touching myself watching TV. My mother walked into my bedroom with a phone in her hand and yelled, "Stop jacking off and talk to your grandmother." FML
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so how did the conversation with grandma go?


Did she at least make you wash your hands?

The mom is so casual, like it's an everyday thing..

"Hold on mom!! I'm about to finish... Oh!!! Ok let me talk to my Grams!"

At first I thought it said stop jacking off to your grandmother....

Your mom is such a "jerk off".

Did your grandma ask how it went?

Op never said he was jacking off he couldve just been playing with his balls or something :/

Target acquired. Launch sequence in 3... 2...

The moms probably used to walking in on people jerking off. Lol. xD

Was the phene on vibration?

i wouldve kept jacking off just to piss her off

And i wouldve cut your dick off.

and i wouldve shoved a buck knife in your vag

ydi for not locking your door>.> ••••••

My sides hurt from laughing!!

Oh noo! Ydi for making it so obvious

Hi Bruce! Long time no see

Im curious. Was he just like watching tv and then like "ohh spongebob, yesss", or what?

Lock you door next time.

69- thumbed down.. Your comments always seem to annoy me ._.

I wonder if all these real*insert family guy character here* are like the same dude that just likes to fuck with our heads

:O it's like a family reunion. 44- your a jew

Was I the only one who read this in his voice?

124- do you realize how much that would consume your life. ( starts sobbing) its soooo difficult....

Oh heyy Mort it has been long let's catch up sometime and to everyone else we are not the same person:)

Did anyone say oh nooo in a Bruce voice or was that just me

Yeah OP, just how loud do u fap?! Geez

I'm assuming very carefully.

Both of these family characters live in the same location. OMG SAME PERSON

152 - I read your description in Bruce's voice..

so how did the conversation with grandma go?

"hang on grandma let me finish real quick....ahhhhh....okay so how was bingo yesterday?"

Just a little;)

#80 nope, I actually found it funny

80 - it was obviously too far if it hit the phone. OH, you meant the joke. Never mind.

Grandma: "You're growing up so fast! Just yesterday I was changing your diapers but look at you now" :,) OP: "Well grandma now you can buy me new underwear cuz I need to change mine! ;D

121- try a washing machine. those save people from buying tons of new clothes.

Well thats a "jerk" move

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh as am I

Haha don't hear that everyday

129 - I believe your line was "c-c-c-combo breaker!"

141- I believe you meant 'CUMbo breaker' No? bad.

You should probably stop jacking off and talk to your grandmother...

This comment was pointless

So was this one

So was this one.

and all of these.

^ Not pointless.

Why does he have to stop? Men can multi-task too. *Hi grandma, don't mind the fapping sound. ...So, how's tricks? *

6 out of 7 of these comments were pointless. Mine included.

Old people... yum.

That is really creepy...

That made me want to vomit.

Theres a website for people like you Mel

Does no one understand the joke here besides me?

Enlighten me Maddie

Mel is obviously a cannibal that especially enjoys the elderly how could you have not gotten that???

And your grandmother hung up after she said that, right?

I wonder how grandma reacted.

Don't jack off when other people are at the house, or at least lock the door. Don't be rude.

There also is a thing called "knocking". Have you heard of it?

I live in a big family, if I'm not gonna jack off whenever someone at home then I would never be able to it :(

Just make believe you're taking a shit. Or simply do it in the shower.

56 you can always do it at night time in the washroom

Takeitandrun, is that your snake? What is it? Carpet python? I've never seen one with quite that pattern.

you live IN a big family #56? how's that going?

Not everyone has locks on their doors :S