By pooh anne - 26/02/2013 20:26 - United States - Fort Smith

Today, I was trying to be sexy and change in front of my boyfriend. As I was changing, he started to talk to me about how we should both try and lose weight. FML
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At least he didn't say it was just you, he said both of you.


At least he didn't say it was just you, he said both of you.

hellbilly205 17

I don't really see how changing is sexy in the first place, unless you were staying out of your clothes for other reasons...

Maybe he didn't see what you were trying to do and it was just a coincidence. Hopefully, right?

I think there's a lot more details left out, honestly if he said this at any point in the day she might have had the same reaction, who knows?

14, I know lots of guys that would get turned on by a wardrobe change, just like there are some guys that get off on seeing their girlfriends dripping wet and freshly out of the shower. :P It's sexy when it's not meant to be sexy (or something along those lines) :P

My thoughts exactly, 67. It's like an unintentional strip tease. :D

WrongRomance 11

Maybe he could have put it in a better way, and at a better time.. Like while you're grocery shopping he casually says, "Hey honey.. I think we should start eating healthier. In fact, we should get a membership at the gym too and lose a little weight together. " While it wasn't the best scenario, at least he included himself.

mangoboy1 19

I know guys that get hot just reading that comment.#67

Sure but there is a time and a place... And when your girlfriend is doing a strip-tease is definitely not the right time :) Nothing could have prevented him from suggesting the idea the following day.

I know exactly what you mean - I think it comes off as voyeurism for people... and a tease to others (most people don't get naked then re-dressed while changing, they do a piece at a time) But, it was probably on his mind already - seeing you reminded him - he made a matter of fact statement about the both of you - doesn't sound like any direct criticism of you personally. Guy sounds fairly honest and grounded.

Nope he said that they should both be trying to lose weight

Yes why don't you read the FML again and then that should answer your question.

iammeorami 25

ya, keep it cleen! A grammar Nazi is going to correct me right?

No, 56. Your comment is perfectly cleer.

56- In addendum to what 73 has already pointed out, computer programs have been known to "forget" to automatically capitalize I's and the opening word in a sentence. You also could've used a comma before "right". Heil, Spellcheck!

98, what are you talking about? what program "forgets" that?

100, there's a few phone apps or websites that don't change it automatically. In fact, the FML app doesn't automatically capitalize each sentence beginning. I only do it out of habit. :)

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Well atleast he didnt dump you for it... Or single you out like other FMLs

Why would he dump her for changing? Or her weight, he knew her size before she changed?

TheDrifter 23

Have you forgotten that you are at the comment board for the friends, family and acquaintances of the world's douche bags? Ops have been dumped for less.

Exactly. He's being very brave saying that not only should his girlfriend lose weight but also himself. I would be very happy if I were you OP, your boyfriend seems very caring.

Sorry, but YDI... There's nothing wrong with telling you that! If you need to lose weight, you should be happy that he's willing to do it with you. As long as he still loves you and doesn't put you down, I don't see anything wrong with what was said to you.

Tie-Ming. I completely agree, but his timing was off. By a lot.

What a Jerk he just a guy WHO wan't a sexy body all people Are sexy!

Did you not loom over your comment before posting? Holy ******* trees with dicks.

Wizardo 33

#4 coming from someone with a profile pic like that, seems legit + I had to go full codebreaker mode to read that shit ******* hell

How about a shirt? Then reevaluate your comment.

Shirts are overrated. Especially when the picture isn't really of you.

So, there are magic things called shirts. Try one sometime.

Pants and shirts are unecessary. Especially when the picture isn't really you. What've you got against swimsuits anyway?

58 - Didnt say I was 'against' anything. The picture seems a bit inappropriate for the site. It's not No need to try and impress anyone.

commemting iz hard stuffs to do don't be meen 2 her~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~enough tildes?

Am I the only one who thinks that #4 was having an ****** while writing the post.

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#4, I think your shift keys are malfunctioning.

KeannaLove 32

I'm sorry, but there is nothing sweet about that. If anything, it's a little mean.

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Give OP a little of what you're smoking.

Sweet that he's willing to do it with her but not sweet that he told her she needed to lose weight.

It probably had nothing to do with you changing. Think of it as something you can do together and strengthen your relationship.

I think it probably was the changing. He sees his own body pretty front and center any time he changes in a fully lit room and now he's watching her directly change. There may be a more tactful way of saying "we seem to have gained some weight over the last few months/years" but I wouldn't take offense to it.

Talking about weight loss really gets me hawt.

At least he didn't just throw you under the bus.

What, so if you need to loose a bit of weight they throw you under a bus these days??! ****!! That's a bit harsh!!

Wizardo 33

I used to be a pretty big guy until I decided to shift the fat, don't worry it'll benefit both of you later if you know what I mean ;) ...

Wizardo 33

Or one of them smears blood around the place as an act of revenge O.o