By tammylauraine - 29/02/2012 18:21 - United States

Today, after handing out several résumés for several jobs, I realized that I forgot to add my phone number to them. FML
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"He's just so qualified! But I can't reach him! GAHH!!!"

Next time try thinking before you do something as important as applying for jobs.


That sucks.

"He's just so qualified! But I can't reach him! GAHH!!!"

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That is why you should always have someone else look at the resume when you have it completed for a second look.

Pretty sure DrMime ain't the OP, you guys. Unless he goes by "Tammy Lauraine" on the streets. Get your own comment, yeah?

Well look at the bright side! They probably wouldn't have considered you in the first place seeing how you forgot to include a basic contact information....

i could swear i read this mind is playing tricks on me...and i wonder if op reviewed the resume

#37 How is that looking on the bright side of things?

7- Did you take 15 hours to make your post? I doubt it, so perhaps you should reconsider how much time op actually spent on the fml. A little bit of thinking goes a long way.

Did you put an email on it at least?

#48 your not crazy, I thought the same thing and its true.

Sparks808 10

I wouldn't be expecting a call back if I were you.

Next time try thinking before you do something as important as applying for jobs.


DrMime got moderated?? I must see the comment!

I don't know why people are thumbing down your comment you are 100% correct sir.

Omg he is eating a cat! :)

Very observant of you #66.

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That's what I call a "natural selection". Idiots out.

XxHoodieBearxX 5

Go back!!!

what is your picture supposed to be

Telling them you aren't qualified cuz you forget the basics, not bright. Ydi

Hopefully you wrote your email down so there's another form of contact? But how could you forget to put your phone number? It's one of the most important parts.

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xStaciexLynnx 15

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All the places you applied to must think you're a...phoney

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makowiec 11

Nice one :p

Well go give them your number or some form of contact. It shouldn't be that big of a deal.

at least it doesn't say heil Hitler at the end?

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