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Today, we were building the homecoming float, the theme is Seasons of Love. We went around the yard and put random leaves on the float. My friend's dad looked at the float and said, "You do realize that's poison ivy?" FML
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  nerdsgetmehot  |  22

#17 Poison ivy rashes can actually be pretty intense-- and they can easily spread if you dare to itch them.
And as moderators have pointed out on various FMLs, FMLs aren't really supposed to be life-ruining moments. They're just supposed to be genuinely funny "Oh man, that sucks" moments.

  EffinAhole  |  0

Thank you #17! So sick of people bitching that "this isn't a FML" all the time. If everyone posted stuff that actually F'ed their lives how depressing would this site be! It's for entertainment jackholes!