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  cuzofscrabble  |  0

I'm only replying to #1 so people will actually READ this post. Otherwise people will continue posting things along the lines of, "ummm its called SPELL CHECK" and other similar comments. Clearly the majority of Fmylife followers are extremely unintelligent and unable to realize that the original poster most likely left out the "A" and typed "eduction," therefore the "red squiggly line" did not appear under the misspelled word.

  surger1  |  0

Well good sir you know how to use a spell checker but know little of Grammar. Perhaps one who lives in a glass house should not throw stones?

  null_fml  |  11

Okay, fine, "much" was an exaggeration. Neither of your posts had bad grammar.

#4 only really broke one rule, and that was using a sentence fragment. However, it was done for effect, and personally I always forgive sentence fragments when done for effect, and purposefully practice that myself. The "make a living having dicks stab into your vagina" is awkward sentence structure at best, but there is technically no incorrect grammar. Consider "make a living washing cars" and "having a friend help you move" and look at the structure of the verbs and objects there. It's only the combination of them that makes it sound weird.

Your post, #8, capitalizes the word "grammar" for no apparent reason. I could also nitpick a minor detail: when speaking to a person, the phrase addressing them should technically be separated by commas. "Well, good sir, you..." would have been better form. However, again, under normal circumstances I wouldn't nitpick that because using commas directly influences how the sentence would be read aloud, and therefore again is used for effect.

But overall you had one thing I would classify as a mistake, and you each had one that might get you a mark off on a University essay but in reality are pretty acceptable. I apologize for coming off too harshly, but if you wanted to criticize #4, grammar was definitely the wrong thing to attack.

  Intoxicunt  |  5

First off, let me say that you're awesome. Don't be offended by anything in this comment, as I mean it all in good fun.

Second, you made some mistakes as well. I only noticed two, but I will list them for you. "...and purposefully practice that myself" is not an independent clause. Thus, it should be separated with a comma from the rest of your sentence. Also, you shouldn't start a sentence, much less a paragraph, with the word "but". I do the latter myself all the time, and I think it's acceptable by most standards.

Anyway, feel free to correct any of my grammar, spelling, or syntax. I just thought you'd appreciate my help. Again, don't take any of it personally. You rock, no matter what.

  null_fml  |  11

Damn! Haha, you got me. Starting a sentence with "but" is an example of a grammar "mistake" that I commit on purpose (even Tolkien did it!), but touché on the comma separating the subordinate clause. I completely forgot about that rule.

And (

  null_fml  |  11

Okay, that's weird. My comment got cut off (I think I might have put a symbol or two that it accidentally treated as HTML), and now I forget what it was intended to say. Something about purposefully starting my paragraph with "and" and something about you being awesome. Oh well.

By  null_fml  |  11

Allow me to take a quick estimate of how many job offers/interviews that resume got you... hold on, I might need a calculator for this... (five, square root of pi, carry the one)