By Sickie. - 02/09/2010 16:03 - United States

Today, I had a stomach virus. I tried to make myself throw up to feel better. My long nails sliced open my throat from the inside, and I threw up blood. FML
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No, you did not throw up blood. You threw up, and blood from your throat mixed with the vomit.


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crazyladydaisy 4

She isn't saying shes bulimic.. have you ever felt like you need to throw up but nothing happens I hate that.. and throwing up makes you feel better

argh you beat me to it. bulimia or anorexia?

H8rSk8r 0

I guess (*puts on sunglasses*) the situation just got messy. Yeaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

Brittney_E 0

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#27. You are my new favourite troll. 

don't sweat it sis. al u gotta do us cut your damn nails. play it safe. learn from your mistakes and don't be retarded

missmurderx 8

puke rots your teeth. :/ youdeserveit?

Your body would have naturally made you puke up or shit out any virus. the body is an amazing thing, let it do its job

Tasanasanta 0

A troll is a mythical creature that terrorizes people, but there have been cases of a few "nice" trolls. They are generally larger than humans and uglier.

benny2465 0

lol 1 I thought the same thing

WOW. "Sliced open my throat"?Overreaction much? I think so.

sugarr0babby0 0

27 well played indeed. You have found waldo. YDI for not having the coordination to induce vomitting.

YDI for doing something like that with long nails :/

if u have food poisoning u have to make yourself puke

Evafml123 0

I threw up today but I didn't stick my long nailed finger down my throat.I felt sick, went to the bathroom and threw up. I have a feeling you were not feeling sick and you are bulimic and this really happened. I could be wrong but whatever.

Too all of you saying 'OMG BULEMIA IS WRONG', have you ever had a stomach virus and been unable to vomit normally? Didn't think so - it feels horrible. Go be preachy somewhere else.

she was gonna puke anyways. might as well get it over with.

eehizle 0

I just looked for the like button. then I realized it's not facebook. :/

when I read this I threw up in my mouth, and then died inside.

Reynaaa 0

don't have hooker nails and don't try to maka yourself throw up !

No, you did not throw up blood. You threw up, and blood from your throat mixed with the vomit.

SpeakOutLoud 1

Technically if blood came up she DID throw up blood, just mixed with vomit

talim_fml 3

The super long nails gross me out more than the sliced throat.

I was thinking of SAW when I read "sliced open my throat".

me77111 0

I agree I don't see how any girl could think it's attractive.

Your body knows when you need to throw up, you never have to induce the vomit. Making yourself sick can cause damage when your body isn't ready to actually vomit. So, in a way, YDI.

FYLDeep 25

Not always. I believe there are still poisons where you are supposed to induce vomiting if they are consumed.

Yes. Bleach is one of those poisons. You need to get it out of your system ASAP, and throwing up is the fastest way.

With stomach flu, your body will throw up when it needs too, you can force it. YDI for trying to force it and for having killer nails

Fresh4416 0

what does bleach have to do with the flu?

KaleidoscopePope 0

eh, when I drink I make myself throw up so I can drink more..

sheepzroar 0

er just so you know. . . its possible that your throat may now swell up, which is not a good thing :/

peptobismo is better and you don't have to throw anythig up(:

ehh could've been worse the inducing of vomit could have caused your throat to close