By queenbee12345678 - 19/02/2012 19:29 - United States

Today, I accidentally left my cell phone at the restaurant. When I realized my mistake, I went back to see if anyone had found it. They said no, so I gave them my number to call if it turned up. I realized later that I'd given them my cell phone number. FML
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Why didn't you have them call it there. Maybe you would have herd it ring


Why didn't you have them call it there. Maybe you would have herd it ring

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ya everyone knew he meant for OP to herd all the surrounding cell phones into a cluster. no need for that correction.

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Wow, You'll be waiting for quite a while for them to get back to you, won't you?

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Just... Forever. Unless someone is smart enough to check the "contacts" and call someone who might know OP's phone number. (just what I've done when I found a cell.)

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No, OP made it up. She was actually sitting at home all day bored trying to think up a clever situation to get them noticed on FML.

call the army to help you find it, that's what I do

Yeah we need backup at the taco bell down the street.. Bring in the swat team this could get deadly

there's a taco bell down my street-_-.... I feel stalked

Just be happy it was your phone and not your wallet, kid, or something of some importance.

Do you have like a 5 dollar pay-as-you-go phone or something? Some phones are almost as valuable as a used car these days.

^omg true! :( damnnn that's a crazy fact :0

Actually no, I have an iphone, but still its just a phone. Its really not that much money.

42- Well shit bro, not everyone in the world can wipe their ass with said "cheap iPhone". Some people actually care if they are out a couple hundred bucks.

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So do you want to buy me a new iPhone since it's "not that much money"?

And most of us have our life on our phones. With direct connections to our bank accounts, pictures, emails, etc. Not to mention losing important contact information.

Phones can be pretty important these days. I mean if it was a smart phone they're going to have a LOT of information about OP and a lot of banks now have mobile apps for online banking. So it could be worse than losing a wallet depending on how much personal information was stored in the phone.

Lmfao are you kidding me? An iPhone isn't that much money?! They can be up to about $600 and are about $200 at the cheapest. It's cool that you have hundreds of dollars to blow on a phone that's not even important to you, but to a lot of people, that's a ton of money to lose.

So go back and give them your home phone number. If you have a landline, that is

But then there would be no point for the FML. Honestly though it ain't hard to just correct mistakes that are that small, people really irritate me. Good thing I'm not human, banana squirrels unite! (Certified by the US government to be a pro comment)

^^^ So this is what the our government is actually spending their time on. Everything makes more sense now.

You don't even have to go over there. Call from your other number or a friend's phone and ask them to call you back there if they find it.

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