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Like its something you can control

Nobody has cute orgasm faces. Tell him to look in the mirror next time he comes.


Like its something you can control

Well it was OP's first time. The face will be easier to control with time.

How long did it take you 22? Lol

#22 no one should have to ever control their orgasm face.

That's like trying not to scream after getting your foot run over.

Honestly, most people's orgasm faces aren't super gorgeous. When you have an orgasm, I think you'd rather enjoy it than think "Oh my god, ok calm down. You can do this. Have a pretty face. Look hot for him."

^Yup. It would totally turn me off if I had to focus on controlling my face.

That's fairly funny.I would close my eyes if I were OP

Pillow over face. Problem solved for both both parties.

Nobody has cute orgasm faces. Tell him to look in the mirror next time he comes.

that might be hard to do.. we usually keep our eyes closed

time to use insta vid!

11- idk about you, but I like looking at whoever's giving me the orgasm. So I guess closing your eyes is the same thing ;)

In fact, one's orgasm face is called a "fuck face" for a reason; because it ain't pretty looking.

Nothing a paper bag can't fix!

Exactly what I was thinking.

For him, of course.

Doggy style for the win!

Not gonna help when you think of The Exorcist...

That sucks since you can't control it. He should just be happy that he gave you an orgasm

Next time just pretend you don't orgasm and chew him out for his bad sexual skills.

Next time start contorting and screaming in Latin!

The Exorcist was seriously one of the funniest films I've ever seen, if anything your O face wasn't scary.

So he's saying you don't have a pretty O face?

Well when you put it that way...yah

At least you weren't faking your orgasms. Ungrateful boyfriend you have.

What possessed him to say that?