By Anonymous - 27/12/2013 20:18 - Jamaica - Kingston

Today, I overheard my boyfriend bragging to his friend about finally giving me an orgasm yesterday, but that he got scared because my orgasm face made me look like "a camel having a stroke." FML
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Tell his friends that you faked it and see how he feels after that


Kinda does matter, and if he can't enjoy sex with Op because of That, then perhaps a dry spell reminder that her intimacy is a privilege, not a right, is in order. :p

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Guess what day it is... Stroke DaYYYYYY!!!...

Tell his friends that you faked it and see how he feels after that

Camels scare me in general. Have you ever seen the inside of their mouth? Scariest thing ever..

...why are you looking inside camels' mouths?

It's not like I tried to look in its mouth. My friend had showed me a picture of a camel yawning & pointed out how creepy it was.

Crispy...your picture......I can't exactly understand why

After these kind of fml im starting to think I should hide my face, when I'll have sex.

4- Nah, don't hide it, embrace it! Personally, the last thing I'm doing during sex is looking to critique my partner's O-face, as I'm a little distracted in the moment. ;P But if that's really a serious concern for you, either dim the lights, or practice in front of a mirror or something. I vote for not giving a shit, but to each their own. ;P

well I have kind of low self esteem so im scared I will look creepy as **** xD and to fap in front of a mirror..? uhm. I don't know..

Judging by your picture, you have nothing to worry about; you're gorgeous

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Lol your 15, sex should be the last thing on your mind right now.

next ****** will be with another partner GUARANTEED

Well that's a bit harsh, don't you think? Nothing that can't be talked over. . .

ViviMage 38

Please tell that twit that his sex life is private! And yours is too!!

I think that would make him a camel jockey.