By chickety boom - 02/08/2013 12:41 - United States - Austin

Today, my 70-year-old grandmother held a celebration over officially having divorced my grandfather. FML
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Zimmington 21

Never too late to be happy I guess

Just because you're old doesn't mean you lose the concept of what/who makes you happy


Well that sucks

Wizardo 33

Ooh that was frosty #14, just like the finish, right #1?

That first comment was so well thought out and deep. You must be so brooding and emotionally zen

euphoricness 28

39, I think I've seen that comment so much that I can say the same thing about yours, though I still agree with you. :)

CaiDog 20

#31 ...What?

Hallelujah...*slow claps build to standing ovation*. #1, that was amazing insight into the complex thing known as the human mind. Thank you for your wonderful knowledge. Please *cough* never *cough* share that kind of comment again

Ari1337 15

^^ and that's how to properly kill a joke.

K410 18

Really? Cus all it did was give me cancer...

Zimmington 21

Comment I actually posted this on got deleted

Zimmington 21

Never too late to be happy I guess

timing is just the key of life.

R5luver 5

Some people just really want to get away from people

TorturedXeno 27

Is she planning to go for a boy toy? Or was it a marriage which needed to end? Or something else? Not enough info here!

PterodactylMan 23

Something about boy toy and grandma don't mix

If that's what you think, you're incorrect. I've met grandmas on crack

DKjazz 20

Let her know I'm available, OP. ;)

Did everyone go to the party?

Im assuming grandpa didnt go.

And I wasn't invited :(

I was there and I gotta say, grandma's pretty good at the keg stand

My great grandparents got divorced at 85 and 80. Messed up the family pretty bad. Hope everything hoes as well as it can op

Ha ha you said "hope everything HOES well with it"

That was so obviously a typo, and hoes in that context wouldn't be comical anyway.

UnluckyGenius 21

Better late than never, where's the cake?

Just because you're old doesn't mean you lose the concept of what/who makes you happy

Maybe it was the right decision for her! It shouldnt change your relationship with either your grandmother or grandfather!

challan 19

Your grandmother will now become a saber tooth tiger. That's the older version of a cougar. Get that booty grandma!

UnluckyGenius 21

Or a turkey vulture. Too old to hunt, but still out there every day looking.

Don't change Tony's golden words.

UnluckyGenius 21

I am sorry, I was trying to remember what he said exactly, obviously I failed.

12 I literally laughed so hard when I read your comment. Best comment ever!

You literally laughed hard... as opposed to metaphorically or hypothetically? How notable. I literally farted ten seconds ago.

Why do you ever comment...

challan 19

Thank you #59! #70, me?