By ausmill12 - 19/11/2012 06:18 - United States - Pensacola

Today, I witnessed a robbery as a teenager ran out of a Walgreens with stolen goods in his hands. The manager was running after him. Trying to be helpful, I pulled forward to block the thief from getting away. The cops showed up and arrested me for hitting a pedestrian. FML
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GTA Logic - Someone runs into your car, you get 1 wanted level


There's no liability if you don't get involved!

27-The fact someone would suggest not to help someone in need or turn your back on a wrong that's being done. All because you don't want any liability? I just lost even more hope for the human race.

Next time op, just mind your business. Who cares if this kid got away with thirteen dollars worth of merchandise? Now you're dealing with a more serious crime than the kid commited in the first place.

90, the OP's situation in the exactly the reason why I lost faith in humanity. Help someone and it just might bite you in the ass like it happened to OP. I also foresee a big fat law suit in OP's future...

GTA Logic - Someone runs into your car, you get 1 wanted level

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*Takes out cell phone, activates wanted level down cheat* True GTA logic right there.

Gta logic, start to help the cops kill the criminal. They all start to shoot you.

Real life logic, have sex with a hooker than kill her and steal her mon.....I mean Gta logic... (shifty eyes)

just saying hitting someone with a car would be consider attempted murder and attempted murder over a retail thief its probably frowned upon.

86 I would argue that I had control over the vehicle the whole time and was trying to do exactly what I did. Stop the thief, not kill him.

So you would be admitting to attempted murder, potentially killing someone over a retail theft is NOT a justifiable reason to potential kill someone, because a retail theft is NOT putting anyone's life in danger.

GTA logic = you try to avoid hitting someone and they jump straight at your car

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Just wait til the robber sues you FYL

Naw, just pre-thanksgiving sales. Obviously the cashier just forgot to give them their free gift with purchase.

should of hit him harder at least it would of been worth it

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Nah the question is whether op hit him or the thief ran into the car like an idiot. Both ways thats pretty funny

You could have explained to the cop. I mean, they don't arrest you without asking any questions.

No, sometimes they make arrests and do not ask questions

I think hitting someone with a car would get you arrested even if that someone were attempting to steal an armload of condoms.

If you're going to steal anything it might as well be condoms. If you can't afford a condom you sure as hell can't afford a child.

I don't know what it is in Florida but if OP tried to assist the catching of a crimal he still would be arrested or charged. Here in Toronto if you try to do a citizen arrest while being a "normal" citizen you get charged with assault.

She didnt say she hit him. She could of just cut in front of him and he ran into the car (Which is what I got it as when I read it).

But to the cops it would have seemed as though she hit him.

You should have grabbed a blind person stick and hit them right in the face. Plead to the police you were blind and it was all by accident

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Driving a car? Really?! Then I hope he'd be arrested for lying on license info!

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It's actually kind of understandable. If the kid was just stealing then that's a non-violent crime, and OP used a potentially lethal force (the vehicle) to try and stop him. It's not fair, of course, but I can kind of see how it makes sense.

Yeah. He also hit him. That's different from blocking him with your car. The timing was bad though and OP seems to have meant well.

OP claims its a robbery, so it's armed theft

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Doubt he was armed..... Otherwise I doubt the manager would be chasing him

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126, you're telling me whenever my mom said I couldn't fly was a lie?! :O

Then it wouldn't be a robbery, unless the thief used force, to either harm someone

I don't agree with it, but I think you would have been fine if you didn't hit the kid. If you just would have tried grabbing him, you probably would have been okay. You didn't need to hit him.

OP was in a car, and getting out likely would have taken too long. OP just moved his car to block the way and, in the process, hit the thief.

That was terribly unfair of them. Good on you for trying to help, though.

Maybe it was one of those prank shows where they set up a situation and make a fool out of the unsuspectng public. In that case, giving the thief the people's elbow was not the solution.