By anon - United States - San Francisco
  Today, my boyfriend and I got intimate. It was his first time, which I guess explains him sticking his hand down my panties and practically bitch-slapping my vagina for the next 20 or 30 seconds. I stupidly faked an orgasm just to get him to stop. Now he thinks he's some kind of sex god. FML
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  trollcrusher  |  17

Now we're going to see an FML from your boyfriend at some point down the road, when someone who's actually honest tells him he doesn't know what the heck he's doing.

  Skoff_fml  |  27

aye. If you pretend to like something you will be stuck with it repeating. Just tell the guy you don't like it and tell them something else to try instead.

  lovelockdown23  |  23

Lol sucks because he's going to meet more women who fake their orgasms so he will never know just how horrible he is......or he will meet someone who straight up tells him he sucks and then his ego will be shot.

  AninOnin  |  24

That's the dilemma for most girls though. Instruct him how to be a better lover (implying they weren't good enough to begin with) and risk his ego, or skip it and pretend to be satisfied to make him happy.

  MandieL  |  27

If he is mature enough to be having sex, then in theory, he should be mature enough to allow for some sexy teachings. Especially knowing that he is inexperienced.

  soulcrusher11  |  16

the fact that the stupid movie frozen was brought up here makes me feel like this app is goin downhill

By  reeper147  |  14

This is obviously your fault. If it was his first time, and he was so bad, then why weren't you teaching him? You should be showing him what to do and how to do them. Faking orgasms helps absolutely no one.

By  Dusty_Cups  |  30

As a woman myself, I can't emphasize enough that you shouldn't fake it. Tell him what you want him to do and what you need to be satisfied. Otherwise you'll forever be disappointed with your partner/future partners. Besides, faking is kinda like lying to him and that's just not fair to either of you.