By Frouse
Today, after getting home from work late last night and feeling lazy, I'd put my leftover dinner in the microwave, spoon and all. I wake up to find one of the kids started the microwave and it blew up because of the metal spoon. FML
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  Sinshine  |  27

It depends on the age (or education / intelligence) of the child. I'd assume they saw food in it, didn't know that metal doesn't belong in the microwave (or simply didn't see it, not expecting it to be there) and thought it's for them.

Wtf! How is it easier to put food in the microwave than it is to put it in the fridge??? It’s quite literally the same motion to open both in most cases. You remind me of someone I know that will not use DVD’s (she only streams her entertainment) because she HATES changing the disks. Not sure who is lazier, you or her. This is definitely a YDI.

By  Matthew Irmen  |  11

The operative word is lazy. The fridge would have made more sense and if the microwave is the only choice (a bad one) at least remove the metal.