By Coccinelle - 05/02/2016 16:36 - France

Today, while at work at a small Microsoft partner company, I had to write an email explaining why Internet Explorer is superior to Google Chrome. FML
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"If Internet Explorer has the courage to ask to be your default browser, then you have the courage to ask that girl out"


That's Internet Explorer's personal motto.

Poor OP, your job is basically to shove bullshit down people's throats... but I'd be impressed if you came up with some top notch steer manure to sell IE over Chrome! I'd actually love to see a follow up with examples of what you wrote. "Internet Explorer can be used to find and download superior web browsers!"

"If Internet Explorer has the courage to ask to be your default browser, then you have the courage to ask that girl out"

"Nobody bothers exploiting security holes or bugs because hardly anybody is using it."

Firefox only asked me and it is my default browser

please people only use Firefox to hide their saved **** history .

jlnotary 33

**** history hides just as easily using Incognito in Chrome. There's just no reason for Firefox or IE to exist anymore.

Downloading google chrome using internet explorer is like making someone dig their own grave

You need to go out and explore for a new job because you are not going to get this done FYL

Oh jeeze at least BSing on essays in school probably helped you prepare a bit, eh?

There are a few things it does better, like some websites are only designed for IE, you get pop ups when you tick the "no pop ups" box, there's a cool animation older than me when downloading, their CSS is a pain in the ass to work with and looks completely different to how it would on every other browser, and it comes for free with Windows!

Every web chrome and firefox are also free. And in chrome there is a bottom to stop pop ups along with an add blocker that also blocks banner adds. As far as the websites that run better on IE they are really old as more and more people are writing websites that are multi platform or optimized for chrome. Overall I believe all of your so called 'advantages' are non-existent.

That's why they are paying you! At least you have a job.

....he is getting paid to lie. its not a question that they are paying him for it, it's him having to write bullshit about an internet browser that aint shit compared to one that is far superior

Focus on the positive aspects of using internet explorer I guess. It's your job, make it work. Probably provide constructive criticism in your email so they don't think you are kissing/licking ass. Google chrome is awesome.

Ohh, so no eating ass? That's where the line is drawn. Okey-dokey, artichokey.

I can only imagine how the email would go if written by me... "Internet Explorer! It's great! Internet Explorer is awesome because it so much better than picture viewer. Unlike picture viewer, I can also find information on the interwebs with it! IE is much better than the recycle bin app too! Who wants to recycle when you can explore! "

katachristic 19

Chrome is a great operating system. If only it were a better browser. That being said... Internet Exploder is the worst.

I think there might be certain programmes that work better in explorer than chrome and maybe it crashes less?

Steve97 32

I do not envy your job mate. God help you if they make you write an email about Bing being better than Google.

that actually depends on what you're after. Bing isn't as strict on it's content and copyright filters, and with Bing rewards I haven't had to pay for Xbox Gold for about 2 years so if you're a perverted gamer Bing is decent.

Use Bing for ****, Google for everything else.

At least you can write it faster than Internet explorer