By DookDaSpook - United States - San Francisco
Today, while I was in a very important meeting on Skype, my apartment complex was evacuated due to the fire alarm going off. The reason was that my neighbor put a fork in his microwave due to him being extremely drunk. FML
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  bstarqueen  |  16

13 - I've definitely fat-fingered the YDI on my phone before and I've felt terrible for it. FML should do something about it. I've also reflexively tapped the FYL when it was really a YDI so that sucks too.

By  CaptMacLeod  |  45

Had a similar incident at work. Someone thought a can of soup in the microwave was a reasonable way to heat up their lunch. Between the blown circuit breaker and the screaming from the breakroom, we thought someone dropped a fork in the toaster...a more reasonable, intelligent reason.