By DookDaSpook - 11/01/2016 23:15 - United States - San Francisco

Today, while I was in a very important meeting on Skype, my apartment complex was evacuated due to the fire alarm going off. The reason was that my neighbor put a fork in his microwave due to him being extremely drunk. FML
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I hope your client/ colleague was understanding. Perhaps stab/prod your neighbour with a fork as a form of catharsis?

yenze 18

How the hell do people see this as something you deserve? Hope everything is okay, OP.

Usually they hit it by mistake. Once they pick one that can't change it back. FML should really change that.

13 - I've definitely fat-fingered the YDI on my phone before and I've felt terrible for it. FML should do something about it. I've also reflexively tapped the FYL when it was really a YDI so that sucks too.

That happened to me on a post about OP cheating on his girlfriend. Accidentally hit YLS out of habit. I was pissed at myself for an hour.

Thing is, there are some idiots who select YDI whether they deserve it or not.

15, I've done that too. I still don't know why you can't take back your vote yet you can vote for both. FML logic I guess.

31, that is also true. Why they do that is unknown.

I'm sure this helped in making a lasting impression, regardless of if they understand or not.

yenze 18

It never said it was a job interview

yenze 18

#4 edited his comment it used to say "regardless if you got the job or not" that's where my interview comment came from

I did edit the comment, realised shortly after posting it that an interview was never mentioned.

CharmyJee 13

Sorry OP, hopefully they understand your situation.

If you couldn't get another interview your idiot neighbor owes you a job!

BeautifulChaos27 37

They said it was an important meeting.... how did you get job interview?

crazytwinsmom 25

Had a similar incident at work. Someone thought a can of soup in the microwave was a reasonable way to heat up their lunch. Between the blown circuit breaker and the screaming from the breakroom, we thought someone dropped a fork in the toaster...a more reasonable, intelligent reason.